Concept for the future

With the strategy launched in 1979, we laid the foundation for the production of heat and electricity from renewable energies as well as the frugal and rational use of energy.

This focus is becoming increasingly important in view of global developments and general conditions on the energy markets.

Today, as in the future, it is essential to master the challenges of the electricity sector: ensuring a technically feasible, affordable, socially sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

We have invested several hundred million Swiss francs in pioneering projects so far, many of them innovations.

  • 2013: Installation of the first solar ice storage systems
  • 2012: Acquisition of two wind parks in Salamanca, Castile and Leregiono, Spain, with an installed output of 7.0 MW, in cooperation with ewb.
  • 2012: Launch of the first large photovoltaic plant in Donnadolce, Sicily, Italy, with an installed output of 4.9 Megawatt peak.
  • 2011: Start of energy park Morgenthal.
  • 2010: Acquisition of the first wind park in Cádiz, South Spain, with an output of 42 MW:
  • 2005: Launch of the unique "Energy Learning Centre" for schools.
  • 2004: First electricity generated from natural gas expansion in Switzerland.
  • 2003: Introduction of the natural gas-driven Stirling motor in Switzerland.
  • 2000: First PEM fuel cell system field test in Switzerland.
  • 1998: Initial use of heat from waste water for heating properties.
  • 1997: Opening of the electricity museum
  • 1995: First landfill gas power plant.
  • 1992: First "Solar energy for all" campaign in Switzerland.
  • 1987: Start-up of the first large transformer waste heat plant
  • 1985: Start-up of a massive absorber façade system for the use of environmental heat.
  • 1983: Launch of the first heating network in cooperation with Wärmeversorgung Binningen AG.
  • 1979: Launch of the energy consulting/support fund and cogeneration/heat pumps concepts.

In the event of faults or power cuts please contact:

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