Experimenting, Learning and Knowing

In today's world, we need electricity everywhere and all the time. We light up our homes and offices and operate devices and machinery without giving it a second thought. But what exactly is behind the socket? What is electricity? How is electricity produced? How does it reach our homes? How is electricity used in daily life and what was life like in the old days?

To find the answers to these and other questions, we offer our schools a perfect combination of informative workshops, exciting experiments, interesting guided tours and training documentation.

The Energy Learning Centre is ideal for primary, secondary and grammar schools.

Companies, societies, associations, clubs, authorities and political organisations can, of course, also book our offers such as "guided tours". We specialise in children's' birthday parties and school holiday pass courses (solar workshops).

In the event of faults or power cuts please contact:

Basel network area and AVAG network area +41 61 415 41 41

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