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Heat contracting

Heat contracting means delegating the tasks related to a central heating system to a third party. Heat contracting is an extremely convenient and efficient solution. As a customer, you will only get net energy at the agreed price. If necessary, you will make the premises available for the systems. We’ll take care of everything else for you. In other words: We will plan the system, finance, monitor and accept its construction and installations, protect against construction and operating risks – for the entire contract term, including maintenance and servicing. As your strong partner, we look after the entire service package. You will be relieved of all tasks relating to heating supply and receive the best heating technology for your needs. This not only saves you time and money, but helps to conserve energy resources.

Heating networks for a sustainable heat supply

We plan, build and operate heating networks in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries. With over 250 heating systems, we are one of the largest heating supply companies in Switzerland. In fact, we have built some of the most innovative heating network types. And we are constantly expanding our pioneering status in the heating sector.


Industrial contracting

For several years now, large and medium-sized commercial enterprises have seen a trend towards outsourcing tasks that are not part of their core business, which often makes good sense. Instead of a company having to operate energy plants, supply systems and all types of hazardous waste disposal facilities, it is better to delegate these tasks to a specialised company.

Customised heating solutions for companies

We offer customised outsourcing concepts for companies' heating supply. Our basis is heat contracting, which we have successfully established internationally for over 20 years. The main tasks of industrial contracting include supplying steam, electricity, and water, as well as disposing of waste water and hazardous materials. The Siegfried Group, based in Zofingen, has relied on the combined expertise extensively since January 2011. Thanks to the cooperation with Primeo Energie, Siegfried is able to fully focus on its core business of making active ingredients for the pharmaceutical sector. At the same time, the Group benefits from professional and cost-effective service.


Site development

The more innovative and challenging the project, the more our expertise in the heat supply sector is in demand. We therefore recommend getting us on board early on. That is the only way we can we develop the best heating solution for the relevant requirements. We could demonstrate our expertise at the BaseLink site in Allschwil, for example. Together with the project partners, we designed a highly advanced heating and cooling solution that sets new standards.



With over 215 heating networks and systems, with heat sales of more than 650 million kilowatt hours, we are among the largest and most successful heat suppliers in Switzerland. Our customers also appreciate our exceptional expertise.

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Are you planning a site development, new building, or do you need a sustainable heating solution for your company? We offer you expert support, from site development up to commissioning the suitable heating system.

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