Nature is the standard

We offer our Primeo Standard product originating entirely from renewable energy sources and certified as "naturemade basic" to all our customers as part of their basic service.

Of course, our customers can select their products. You can choose another energy source that differs from the standard at any time, if required.

You can select from the more costly product Primeo Grün, consisting of 70% electricity generated from small hydroelectric plants and 30% solar energy and carrying the naturemade certificate, and the more favourably priced Primeo Grau product, which sources its electricity from nuclear energy and fossil energy sources.

Overview of our electricity products

Primeo Standard

For a clean environment and carefree future: Primeo Standard does not use any nuclear power and is based on a clean energy mix consisting of 94% electricity sourced purely from large hydroelectric plants and 6% from renewable energy, e.g. solar energy.

Primeo Grün

Increased environmental awareness and 100% electricity produced in the region: Primeo Grün is the electricity of the future, consisting of 70% electricity generated from small hydroelectric plants and 30% solar energy.

It costs an additional CHF 0.04/kWh compared with Primeo Standard.

Primeo Grau

Affordable electricity from non-renewable energy: Primeo Grau is an affordable electricity product with no added environmental value consisting of a mix of nuclear energy and fossil energy sources.

It costs CHF 0.01/kWh less compared with Primeo Standard.

Select your electricity product

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