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EBM and EBL join the Basel­bieter Energie­paket

Liestal. The Basel Country energy suppliers EBL and EBM are becoming partners of the Baselbieter Energiepaket (Basel Country Energy Package), which is launching the new campaign 500x500. Public funding will also be tripled according to Friday's statement made by Sabine Pegoraro, Construction and Environmental Protection Director Basel Country.

The Baselbieter Energiepaket sports impressive figures. Sabine Pegoraro, Construction and Environmental protection Director Basel Country, stated on Friday in front of the media that the Canton of Basel-Landschaft saved almost 166 Gigawatt hours in energy between 2010 and 2013 thanks to the energy package. This corresponds to around 5% of the annual heating required in Basel Country, or – to illustrate this even more clearly – a train with 277 carriages filled with heating oil and a total length of 5.9 kilometres, or the heating energy consumption of 5,836 single family homes built in 1970.

"The total area of the refurbished building shell matches that of more than 130 football fields. 36,00 tonnes of CO2 -emission have been saved," commented Sabine Pegoraro. The energy package is well received among Basel Country residents. The number of building restorations is constantly increasing. Sabine Pegoraro continued: "Around 5,000 buildings have already been refurbished in the four years since the launch of the energy package. A total of more than CHF 60 million in subsidies from Confederation and Canton funds have been secured since 2010. As a result, 426 million investments were initiated between 2010 and 2013."

The Construction and Environmental Protection Director took the opportunity to introduce the new 500x500 project. The Baselbieter Energiepaket is providing CHF 1,100 each for 500 energy analyses for single family homes this year. The owners of these single family homes therefore pay just CHF 500 toward the costs of the analysis. "This is why the campaign is called 500x500," explained Sabine Pegoraro. In front of the media, she expressed her delight that both Basel Country energy suppliers EBL and EBM are joining the energy package. "This strengthens the foundations of the energy package and constitutes a massive increase in know-how."

EBL CEO Urs Steiner described the Baselbieter Energiepaket as "a success story". He called it an important part of the Basel Country energy policy. This makes it an excellent addition in the Canton to the energy policies of the Confederation in his eyes. He also believes that it rounds off EBL's measures "and that it fits in excellently with our strategy." Urs Steiner referred to several of EBL's support programmes that help with tackling the energy turnaround. The EBL support programmes "1000jetzt!" for roof solar panels and energetic modernisations as well as comprehensive consulting "and last but not least the subsidies for the replacement of electric heating systems" are examples named by him.

In EBM's view, the partnership with the Baselbieter Energiepaket is "a visionary and sustainable strategy," according to Thomas Wälchli, Managing Director Energy at EBM. He continued that his company also places environmental issues at the top of its list of priorities. "We are picking up on the energy turnaround with our strategies and are making a clear statement about our focus and targets. We are basing our business on the following three pillars: renewable energy, energy efficiency and secure supply," he continued. He pointed out that EBM has launched an electricity product originating entirely from renewable energy sources and certified as "naturemade basic" as a standard product of its basic services this year. The "naturemade" energy label issued by the association for environmentally sound energy (VUE) ensures that the green energy is actually produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

In addition, EBM also supports the frugal and rational use of energy and environmentally friendly electricity generation from renewable energies. Each year, the Assembly of Delegates resolves the addition to the so-called EBM Energy Fund for this purpose. According to Thomas Wälchli, this fund pays for cooperative members' projects in the fields of renewable energies and the increase of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency, in particular, plays an important role in the energy turnaround. "And this is where the Baselbieter Energiepaket comes in," said Thomas Wälchli. In addition to the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, the home owner association HEV, the Basel Country Cantonal Bank and the Basel-Landschaft Economic Chamber, the Baselbieter Energiepaket now has two important partners on board – EBL and EBM. The speakers at the media conference were of the unanimous opinion that these two companies will significantly boost the energy package's success model and increase know-how considerably.


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