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EBM inaugurates the new Aesch substation

The new Aesch substation, which has already been connected to the grid for half a year, was presented to the public by EBM with an official ceremony for invited guests and an open day for those interested in finding out more about the new facility.


jmp. EBM has commissioned a new substation in Aesch and dismantled the old one. The new facilities meet the latest safety and environmental regulations and are designed to have a lifespan of around 50 years. The old substation, which was commissioned in 1971 and features a traditional air-insulated switchgear, no longer met the safety and environmental regulations in place today. The reliability of supply could no longer be guaranteed. The building’s structure was also in poor condition. What’s more, the growing demand for energy from the surrounding grid required greater transformation capacity.

Old building to be replaced by a new one
To continue to ensure optimum reliability of supply, EBM’s Board of Directors decided in November 2013 to approve a new building and dismantle the old one. Planning permission was granted in April 2014. In May,, the first construction machines were brought onto the site. Once the construction work ended in December 2014, the electrical installations were carried out between January and May 2015. After an intensive test phase, the substation was connected to the grid in September 2015. Realisation costs amounted to around CHF 10 million.

In connection with the excavation work for the new substation and during demolition of the old substation, contaminated waste was found and correctly disposed of. The entire plot could be removed from the register of legacy pollutants as a result.

Above ground, the new substation is divided into a solid construction and a lightweight construction. The cable basement, the oil sumps and the three transformer cells are made of solid reinforced concrete. The high and medium-voltage switching stations, the control and protection systems, and the building systems are housed in the wooden lightweight construction. The building is protected against the weather by a rear-ventilated aluminium facade. During the colder half of the year, the building is heated by transformer waste heat.

Since the substation is in the immediate vicinity of the Birs river, additional structural measures have been taken against flooding. Particular emphasis was placed on earthquake safety and groundwater protection.

Two transformers
The substation is powered, in the first instance, by two 50 kV power lines from the Münchenstein substation. A further high-voltage power line (50 kV) will soon be installed from the Froloo substation on the Bruderholz. In the Aesch substation, two transformers, each with 40 megavolt amperes (MVA) of power, convert the incoming high voltage of 50 kW to a low voltage of 13 kW and distribute the electrical energy at this voltage level to around 160 transformer stations in 16 municipalities. Both switchgears are SF6-gas insulated. The 50-kV system has eight switch bays, while the 13-kV system has 38. A third transformer cell allows the transformation output to be expanded by a further 40 MVA. From the transformer stations, the electrical energy reaches customers once it has been converted to the low-voltage distribution grid voltage of 400/230 V.

More power reserves
Thanks to the new Aesch substation, additional power reserves will be created that are able to cope long-term with the growing power and energy requirements in the EBM grid area.

Thirteen substations
The EBM grid area has 13 substations, two of which are operated as community plants. With these regional power supply hubs, EBM serves around 235,000 residents and countless businesses in 60 municipalities.

For further information:

  • Andreas Scholer, Project Manager for UW Aesch, EBM Netz AG, Tel. +41 61 415 42 90


from the left: Jean-Daniel Vallotton (Siemens), Guiseppe Santamaria (Siemens), Bruno Herzog (Siemens), Andreas Scholer (EBM Project Manager for UW Aesch), Marianne Hollinger (mayor Aesch), Dr. Conrad Ammann (CEO EBM).


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