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EBM is considering the construction of a wind farm in the Meltingerberg area. Positive results from wind measurement, and having the area zoned in the Cantonal Structure Plan for Solothurn, are essential if the project is to go ahead.

At a weekend event organised on the Meltingerberg, EBM informed residents in the municipalities of Meltingen and Erschwil that it was considering a wind farm construction project in the Meltingerberg/Chäsel/Hochstelleli area.  The centre of interest was a wind measurement station situated on the ground that operates with Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) – similar to radar measurement.  Wind data is being recorded for a six month period starting in September, timed to span the windy winter season.

Invited guests included municipal and cantonal officials together with politicians, among them Fabio Jeger (CVP member of the cantonal council), Thomas Spaar (councillor in Meltingen), Susanne Koch Hauser (mayor of Erschwil), as well as Markus Schmid of the Office for Spatial Development.  The Meltingen Men’s Choir entertained guests with musical interludes.

Information on the present state of affairs was provided on behalf of EBM by project manager Felix Hartmann and Bernhard Furrer, Managing Director EBM Greenpower AG;  they reported that initial investigations indicated that the area around Meltingerberg was ideally suited to implementing a wind energy project.  Landowner consent and existing infrastructure were points in favour of the site.  “The site has very good project parameters that we want to corroborate with wind measurements”, stressed Felix Hartmann.  EBM had previously evaluated all potential wind farm sites in its electricity grid area.

If the project is to progress further, it is absolutely essential that the area is zoned in the Cantonal Structure Plan for Solothurn.  In that canton, competence to earmark an area for wind power rests with the Governing Council.  Were it to do this, it would be laying a foundation for further work on the project.  A wind farm with 4-6 turbines and an annual electricity output of 20-30 GWh would be capable of generating power for 4,500-7,000 households.

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Bernhard Furrer, Managing Director EBM Greenpower AG, Tel. +41 61 415 42 60, e-mailb.furrer@ebm.ch



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