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Electricity prices down slightly in 2020

Despite an environment marked by rising energy prices, Primeo Energie will be able to lower its prices for 2020. This will benefit SMEs and household customers in particular.

Energy prices have increased significantly on exchanges in Switzerland and abroad. Thanks to its long-term supply agreements, however, Primeo Energie will be able to cushion price developments. With regard to the distribution grid, Primeo Energie is doing all it can to ensure that an adequate sum is invested in grid maintenance and expansion. The goal here is to ensure a high level of grid quality and thus reliable electricity supplies for customers over the long term. In any case, electricity prices have stayed constant and stable over the last few years.

Electricity prices consist of the price of the energy itself, the price for grid usage and the cost of taxes and government surcharges. Thanks to a clear focus on cost management, grid usage prices have remained at more or less the same level as in the previous year, while taxes and surcharges have decreased. Depending on the customer segment in question, these factors will have a different effect on the electricity price. For example, a four-person household with average energy consumption of around 4,500 kWh per year will save approximately CHF 11 in 2020. That corresponds to a slight price decrease of one per cent. Effective electricity prices vary among customers depending on the applicable rate, product and consumption profile (regulatory requirements, supply voltage, consumption structure – i.e. high and low rates depending on when electricity is used).

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