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Fresh air for Baselland

Primeo Energie plans to build two wind turbines in Muttenz and thus make a contribution towards implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050

Wind energy is an important part of renewable energy production. It represents an ideal supplement to photovoltaics as it still provides energy when there is a lack of sunshine and in winter when a particularly large amount of energy is needed. Primeo Energie plans to construct two wind turbines in Hard, Muttenz in cooperation with the local authority in Muttenz and the canton.

With their strategy, Primeo Energie have set themselves the goal of supporting the expansion of renewable energies in the region and abroad. In doing so, it is following the guidelines in the energy strategy set by the Federal Government and the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

In February 2015, the District Authority passed the structural plan for six wind farm areas in the Basel region with 61 votes to 17, including the location in Hard, Muttenz between the A2 motorway and the SBB railway track system where Primeo Energie plans to build the two wind turbines by 2023.

Here are the technical facts: the hub height of the two wind turbines is a maximum of 140 metres. The diameter of the rotors measures a maximum of 120 metres. Depending on the position of the rotor blades, the height is then 200 metres. The installed capacity per turbine is between 2 and 2.4 megawatts. They will generate 4.5 million kilowatt hours of energy each year. The wind farm can provide an average of 1200 households with electricity.

All necessary preliminary investigations for construction of the wind farm have already been carried out. The wind measurements have shown that the location is suitable for a wind farm. The “Möhlin jet” ensures regular movement of the air masses along the Rhine from east to west.

The construction of wind turbines supports the Energy Strategy 2050. They produce Co2-free green energy. There are also no wind parks yet in the trinational Basel region - apart from in the Upper Black Forest. Wind turbines have a good environmental footprint. They have minimum impact on flora and fauna.

The location of the two turbines is ideal. The area is between two transport axes, and is not in a protected conservation area. The consumers in industry and residential areas are nearby, a grid connection can be implemented with little effort.

With the new wind farm, Primeo Energie is helping the Federal Government, the canton, and the municipalities to make a significant step towards implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050.

Further information will be provided during the planning process. Information events are also planned for local residents, together with a cooperation process.

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