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MOVE gets electric vehicles on the way

By installing and operating the first MOVE battery charging station on its own site, EBM is becoming part of a constantly expanding public grid that already to ever part of Switzerland.

With the aim of promoting electromobility, efforts are currently underway to develop a grid with battery charging stations in Switzerland. This will enable drivers of electric vehicles to travel virtually anywhere in the country. EBM has now inaugurated its first MOVE battery charging station. By doing this, it is joining a Switzerland-wide grid for charging electric vehicles and a complete billing system. MOVE is a product of the Swiss company Groupe E and offers drivers of electric vehicles a comprehensive network of over 80 power points in Switzerland at which they can charge up their vehicles.

The EBM MOVE card can be used to charge up an electric vehicle anywhere in Switzerland. Customers receive a clear and readable statement of the times their vehicles have been charged up from EBM. The EBM MOVE card is valid throughout Switzerland and can be ordered at www.ebm.ch/move. Four more charging stations are due to be set up in EBM's network area over the coming months. To be able to do this, EBM is seeking more partners. As Daniel Laager, head of EBM's energy advice department, has explained, electric vehicles are generally charged up at home. The national grid of charging stations is there to expand the area over which electric vehicles can operate and provide their Swiss owners with universal coverage. Electric vehicles these days generally have a range of almost 200 kilometres.

Drivers with MOVE can also use their smartphones to activate and charge up their vehicles with an app or by sending a text message. If they opt to use the app, there are even more advantages. It shows where the nearest charging stations are and whether they are available for use or being used by someone else. There is also a hotline that drivers can call if they encounter problems when charging up at any station. Quick charging requires a separate electrical installation that enables as much electricity as possible to flow into the vehicle in a very short time. Connection values amount to 2 x 32 amps, about as much as for a single-family house. That makes town centres, shopping centres or commercial and industrial estates suitable locations for charging stations.

More vehicles in future

Forecasters' opinions differ when it comes to how many electric vehicles will be running on Swiss roads in the future. There are currently 150 of them registered in and around Basel, with some 4,500 on the roads throughout Switzerland. Experts reckon the number to increase at least ten-fold by 2020. EBM's grid has sufficient reserves to be able to cope with the increase in usage.

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  • Daniel Laager, Head of Energy Advice Department, EBM Energie AG, Tel. +41 61 415 46 94, E-mail d.laager@ebm.ch



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