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Multi Energy Billing

EBM supports energy suppliers and business customers from energy procurement with a comprehensive offer of systems and services to the efficient handling of the entire processes. Business customers benefit from individual energy supply contracts and services (e.g., Multi Energy Billing). We advise our customers personally and create solutions together which exactly meet their needs.

Multi-energy billing will see energy bills for electricity, water, heat and gas being processed centrally and combined into one joint bill, which can be easily imported into accounting systems.

Customers get the transparency they need of their energy and cost flows and are able to cut their administration costs. 

By integrating multi-energy billing, we are adding to our range of services a professional billing solution in which leading companies from a wide range of sectors have placed their trusted for years.

In addition to intelligent solutions for the procurement of electricity for energy suppliers and business customers, EBM can also handle energy logistics and portfolio management for energy suppliers.

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In May 2017, EBM took over multi-energy billing for utility companies and bundled customers from Swisspower Energy AG (customer contracts, staff and IT system). 




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