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Municipal Elektra companies extend collaboration with EBM/AVAG

On 30/11/2017, the four municipal Elektra companies for Däniken, Dulliken, Obergösgen and Gretzenbach reached an early agreement regarding their collaboration with EBM/AVAG (Aare Versorgungs AG) until 2029. This secures a solid basis for the long-term provision of energy through a modern and safe power network.

​Since 2007, AVAG / Aare Energie AG (a.en) have secured the supply of energy in the municipalities of Däniken, Dulliken, Obergösgen and Gretzenbach by means of a network rental or network operator model. The four Elektra companies are owners of the low-voltage network and substations in the respective municipality area. They make their investment decisions independently in their own network. AVAG/a.en – and from 1.7.2018 EBM – execute the investment projects and are responsible for operation and maintenance as well as the provision of energy.

With the demerger of Aare Energie AG (a.en) and its realignment to suit the tasks of the Städtischen Betriebe Olten (sbo), it has been decided that EBM will take over full operational support of AVAG. In this regard, AVAG and the four Elektra companies have agreed to conclude the existing contract ahead of time for a further 12 years. This guarantees a solid basis for maximum possible supply reliability and optimum operational management for the whole region. This applies to the Elektra companies or rather the municipalities of Däniken, Dulliken, Obergösgen and Gretzenbach, as well as to all concession municipalities of AVAG.

The collaboration with AVAG/EBM is working well. All previous contact partners for the implementation of construction and investment projects remain the same. They are most familiar with the network and customer requirements. The sites in Olten and Dullliken are important and enable quick intervention times in the municipalities and for the end customers. Furthermore, the municipalities and customers in the region also have their energy contact partners directly on site. High supply reliability thus continues to be guaranteed for AVAG municipalities and customers.

Further Information

-       a.en: Beat Erne, Director of Marketing and Communication, Telephone +41 62 205 56 70 

-       AVAG/EBM: Joachim Krebs, Director of Corporate Communication, Telephone +41 61 415 43 85

About a.en

a.en is the regional energy supply company for the city and the region of Olten. It is active in the sectors of power, gas and water and, since 2001, handles the joint operational management of Aare Versorgungs AG (AVAG) and Städtischen Betriebe Olten (sbo). As of 2018, AVAG will be transferred to EBM and a.en will be realigned to meet the demands of sbo.

About the EBM Group

EBM is a cooperative under private law operating in the energy sector since 1897. We offer customers reliable products that meet their requirements in the areas of networks, energy and local heating provision and promote renewable energies and energy efficiency. We currently supply energy to over 160,000 individuals and numerous companies. The network area comprises 78 municipalities in the two cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Soluthurn and also in Alsace. As a leading provider in local heating, EBM operates 223 heating plants in Switzerland and the Alsace region. True to our vision, we want to continually develop EMB to become a modern, customer-focussed and cost-efficient utility company. In a nutshell, with our 400 employees and 15 apprentices, we know energy inside out. Since 1897. For further information, please visit www.ebm.ch

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