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Primeo Energie records further positive growth in 2018

Revenue was up 13 per cent on the previous year, totalling CHF 645 million. At CHF 63 million, the operating profit (EBIT) is on par with expectations. With an equity ratio of 60 per cent, Primeo Energie is on a sound financial footing. The steps taken to position the company as a top-quality provider of sustainable and innovative energy solutions are being carried out under the new name Primeo Energie.

Primeo Energie (formerly EBM) is developing in line with its medium-term growth targets of ranking among the top five leading companies in all business areas in the respective Swiss markets. The company has carried out the complete integration of Aare Versorgung AG (AVAG) and the energy business of Swisspower, the consolidation of the renewable energies of aventron AG through the founding of aventron Holding AG, the incorporation of EBM Energie France SAS and the founding of the enersuisse billing company which operates throughout Switzerland. The business segments recorded stable growth in 2018. With the full consolidation of the aventron Group from spring 2018, the reported result is set to increase significantly. As in the previous year, EBM's net profit was once again positively impacted by the sale of the second tranche of the stake in Direct Energie. With revenue standing at CHF 645 million, Primeo Energie generated significant growth of 13 per cent in comparison with the previous year. The operating profit totalled CHF 63 million (previous year: CHF 42 million). The consolidated total assets for Primeo Energie stand at CHF 2.1 billion. With an equity ratio of 60 per cent, Primeo Energie remains on a sound financial footing.

The electricity business volume in Switzerland and France rose by 4 per cent to 6391 million kilowatt hours (kWh). The energy supplier (EVU) customer segment was further expanded with offerings such as energy logistics, portfolio management and e-mobility. In cooperation with BLT (Baselland Transport AG) and Basler Kantonalbank (BKB), the innovative 'Pick-e-Bike' sharing system for e-bikes and e-scooters was set up. The Paris-based subsidiary EBM Energie France SAS has firmly established itself in the market for the sale of electricity and natural gas to commercial and industrial customers.

As was planned, EBM Netz AG replaced Aare Energie AG (a.en) as the operator of the AVAG power grid. Primeo Energie is thus fully responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the power grid in the 17 AVAG municipalities with around 30,000 customers in the Olten region. In total, Primeo Energie supplies electricity to around 170,000 customers in the cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn as well as the Alsace region in France. The installation of new photovoltaic systems is continuing to show pleasing growth. At the end of the reporting year, 2587 systems with an installed capacity of 59.3 megawatt peak (MWp) were connected to the Primeo Energie power grid in Switzerland (including AVAG).

In the heating segment, Primeo Energie has over 218 systems in Switzerland and France. The subsidiaries Réseaux de Chaleur Urbains d‘Alsace SAS and Réseaux de Chaleur Urbains de l‘Est SAS maintained their positions on the market, particularly in the Alsace region. In Einsiedeln, a heating plant that burns untreated waste wood from the region and feeds the generated energy into the Energieverbund Einsiedeln AG power grid was put into operation. Primeo Energie was awarded the Energy Prize 2017/18 by the City of Arbon for its long-term commitment to the Arbon-Steinach heating network.

In April 2018, EBM Greenpower AG and ewb Natur Energie AG transferred all of the shares they held in aventron AG to the newly founded aventron Holding AG. aventron Holding AG thus holds the majority (62 per cent) of the participation rights in aventron. The portfolio had an installed capacity of around 476 megawatts (MW) in the reporting year. In total, aventron produced 786 million kilowatt hours of electricity from renewable energy sources.

New name supports strategy

To tie in with its growth strategy and positioning as one of the innovative leaders on the Swiss energy market, EBM is set to become 'Primeo Energie'. Primeo Energie continues the long-standing tradition of EBM while also placing more emphasis on flexibility, inspiration and smart solutions. As a forward-looking energy supplier, Primeo Energie backs renewable energies and develops sustainable energy solutions for private and business customers, energy suppliers, cities and communities. By passing knowledge on to children and young people, Primeo Energie is helping to ensure that the next generations will also adopt a responsible lifestyle.

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