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Wind Energy North-West Switzerland

North-West Switzerland energy suppliers agree to enter cooperation for the realisation of wind park projects.

It is generally possible to construct wind power plants in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft and this is currently a hot topic of public debate. According to the Cantonal authorities, up to 25% of Basel Country's electricity consumption, in other words around 500 Gwh, can be supplied by wind energy. In view of this fact, the three North-West Switzerland energy suppliers EBL, EBM and IWB decided to cooperate in the planning and realisation of wind park projects.

The foothills of the Jura Mountains in the North-West Switzerland region provide large potential for the use of wind energy. Today, this large region has just two small wind turbines (Langenbruck, BL; Grenchenberg, SO). The North-West Switzerland energy suppliers EBL, EBM and IWB want to change this. To advance the planning and realisation of potential wind park projects, the three companies agreed to enter a cooperation under the name of "Windenergie Nordwestschweiz" (Wind Energy North-West Switzerland).

EBM, EBL and IWB aim to make an important contribution to the promotion of wind energy in North-West Switzerland with their coordinated appearance and exchange of knowledge and experience. In a public dialogue with the community, politicians and authorities, the three energy suppliers plan to advance the joint development of promising regions and make it possible for the municipalities and residents to invest in individual projects. The cooperation will focus on becoming a reliable contact for authorities, politicians and associations during the extensive planning processes required until the approval of a wind park.

Eight regions identified outside the protected areas

In view of the current structural planning of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, EBL, EBM and IWB have identified eight regions that would be the most likely candidates for tapping their wind energy. They have a potential of 7.8 Megawatt output and a possible electricity production of almost 130 million Kilowatt hours, which is considerably more than the annual electricity consumed by the City of Liestal. All of these regions lie outside the protected areas that are recorded in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance.

The three energy suppliers are confident that the seven (of eight) potential locations identified in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft will be included in the Cantonal structural planning to ensure minimum investment security for the development of specific feasibility studies.

Clean, regional and renewable energy source

Wind energy is the earliest form of energy used by humans. Wind is a natural, local and renewable energy source. Wind turbines transform natural energy into clean electricity – without any CO2-emissions, large risks and hazardous waste. Wind systems require little space and have an excellent energy footprint.

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