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Wood energy centre complies with environmental regulations

Project "Heating supply Leimental", which includes a newly planned energy centre in Bottmingen, links four municipalities' existing heating networks for the first time, making it one of the backbones of the regional energy supply. An environmental impact assessment has now been prepared for the energy centre.

Right from the start, the project was planned in cooperation with various lobbies. It was therefore inevitable that directly affected persons would eventually request for its environmental impact to be assessed. The environmental impact assessment examines the project's potential effects on traffic, air, noise levels, groundwater and drainage, waste water and surface water, soil, contaminated sites, waste, hazardous incidents, forest, wildlife, landscape, townscape and heritage sites. The report shows that the newly planned energy centre continues to comply fully with all environmental regulations. The environmental impact assessment can be perused at the Communal Chancellery in Bottmingen and at BUD in Liestal as from 24 April.

The next step will be to obtain planning permission and to start construction. This, however, strongly depends on the status of the new electricity pipelines and the removal of the substation. The earliest removal of the old overhead powerlines and pylons, outdoor substation and Substation Bottmingen is scheduled for mid-2015. In the future, the new energy centre will replace Substation Bottmingen and the outdoor substation for the Leimental Heating Network.

Additional information:

  • Michael Schneider, Project Manager Heating Supply Leimental, EBM Wärme AG, phone: +41 61 415 43 62
  • Ernst Bringold, President of the Board of Directors WVB Wärmeverbund Bottmingen AG, phone: +41 79 734 73 20
  • Thomas Wälchli, President of the Board of Directors WBA Wärmeversorgung Binningen AG, phone: +41 61 415 43 45
  • Christian Pestalozzi, President of the Board of Directors WOT Wärmeverbund Oberwil-Therwil AG, phone: +41 78 737 28 50

In the event of faults or power cuts please contact:

Basel network area and AVAG network area +41 61 415 41 41

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