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Yes to Energy Strategy 2050

EBM supports Energy Strategy 2050 and recommends adoption of the revised Energy Act with its initial package of measures on 21 May 2017. This energy strategy puts Switzerland’s energy future on the right track.

EBM views the Energy Strategy 2050 adopted last year by parliament as a balanced overall package. It creates important, reliable conditions and supports the viable reform of the Swiss energy system. Adoption of the Energy Act clears the way to implementing the first major package of measures. This package regulates the essential conditions and establishes the necessary planning and investment security for the Swiss energy industry. In particular, it puts in place the legal framework required to improve energy efficiency, develop and promote renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, etc., as well as protect and strengthen domestic hydropower production. EBM considers the use of renewable energy, and Swiss hydroelectric power in particular, to be especially relevant. Its efficiency, environmental friendliness and flexibility make it one of the most important elements of a sustainable energy system. In addition, the Energy Strategy ensures innovation and growth in Switzerland. Assuring a continued clean, reliable and affordable supply of energy produced within Switzerland is of broad benefit to all.

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