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Primeo Standard

The electricity product Primeo Standard is included as a standard in your basic supply. The naturemade basic-certified Primeo Standard does not use any nuclear power and is based on a clean energy mix consisting of 92% electricity from large hydroelectric plants and 8% from renewable energy.​

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Primeo Grün

Increased environmental awareness and 100% electricity produced in the region. Primeo Grün is the electricity of the future, carrying the naturemade certificate and consisting of 70% electricity generated from small hydroelectric plants and 30% solar energy.

Additional costs +4.5 Rp./kWh
+ 0 CHF
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Primeo Grau

Affordable electricity from non-renewable energy. Primeo Grau is an affordable electricity product with no added environmental value consisting of a mix of nuclear energy and fossil energies.​ (Please note that this product will no longer be offered after 2020).

Minimum costs -1.3 Rp./kWh
+ 0 CHF
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