EcoEstate: Meine Energiequelle ist die Sonne

Save energy. Protect the climate. Live sustainably.

Do you want to become more independent of the energy market and are looking for a secure, sustainable energy supply for your home? With Primeo EcoEstate and Maison Intelligente for the Canton of Fribourg, we are offering a one-stop solution for your home – consisting of a photovoltaic system, heat pump and e-charging station.

EcoEstate ist Ihr einfacher Weg zu einer nachhaltigen Energieversorgung für Ihr Zuhause.

Your benefits with Primeo EcoEstate

You reduce your energy costs . With a photovoltaic system, you can produce your own climate-friendly electricity and become virtually independent of the grid operator.

You reduce your energy consumption. With an energy-efficient heat pump you save valuable resources. You can operate the system with electricity from your own roof.

You can easily switch to environmentally friendly e-mobility. In future you can charge your e-car with self-generated electricity from your wallbox quickly, conveniently and emission-free.

You benefit from attractive financing. We will provide you with a straightforward financing solution from a renowned Swiss bank and handle the subsidy.

Berechnen Sie ohne viel Aufwand und kostenlos mit unserem Solarrechner für Photovoltaik Ihr Solarpotenzial.
Berechnen Sie mit unserem Solarrechner für Photovoltaik Ihr Solarpotenzial.

Primeo EcoEstate is easy to use

Simply start our online calculator and receive a free, straightforward and quick quote by email, tailored to the configuration of your requested modules. By the way: With Primeo EcoEstate, you can also find out which subsidies and tax deductions you can claim. You therefore make your decision based on solid facts, as you obtain a complete overview of investment costs, government subsidies, tax savings, as well as the cost-effectiveness and energy balance of your modules.

Following our offer, you also have the option of getting a free consultation.

Do you live in the Canton of Fribourg? Our Maison Intelligente platform is available here.


Rundum Sorglos Loesung EcoEstate

Primeo EcoEstate

Select your modules and determine your personal statement of costs in just a few minutes.

Nutzen Sie die Energie der Sonne mit einer eigenen Photovoltaikanlage.

Use the sun’s energy

Would you like to generate your own environmentally friendly solar power in future and thus protect the climate and reduce your energy costs? With Primeo EcoEstate, we provide you with the ideal solar power system for home use, individually tailored to your needs. You can also use efficient storage solutions for your solar power: This means you can use your own supply for the most part, even when the sun is not shining.

Effizient und nachhaltig heizen mit einer Wärmepumpe.
Sparen Sie Energie, indem Sie eine Wärmepumpe installieren lassen.

Extract heat from the surroundings

Those looking for an ecologically and economically feasible heating solution can simply use energy from their surroundings with the help of a heat pump. This means there's no need for conventional energy sources, and energy costs will also be lower.

It is particularly advantageous to combine a photovoltaic system with a heat pump. You can then use your own solar power as a source of electricity for the heat pump. You heat your home in a cost-effective, climate-friendly way with virtually no CO2 emissions.

Choose e-mobility with solar power

Be even more environmentally friendly in the future and run your car with solar power your produce yourself. With Primeo EcoEstate, you can have a wallbox installed to charge your photovoltaic system: This not only benefits the environment but is also good for your wallet. By using your vehicle’s battery as an additional electricity storage system, you further increase the profitability of your solar power system, as you do not feed excess electricity into the grid at potentially unfavourable conditions.

And remember: Normal household sockets are very limited when it comes to charging. With a wallbox, on the other hand, the process is especially secure, as the electricity flows only when the car is correctly connected.

Senken Sie die Kosten für die Solaranlage Ihres Einfamilienhauses.

Benefit from favourable financing

With Primeo EcoEstate, you don’t just purchase your investment, you also have it financed. In cooperation with a renowned Swiss bank, we offer you an attractive financing solution.

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