ABB Terra inkl. Installation

Schweizer Ingenieurkunst zum günstigen Preis.

  • Ladeleistung: bis zu 22kW
  • Typ 2 Steckdose

easee Home inkl. Installation

Schönes Design zum vorteilhaftem Preis.

  • Ladeleistung: bis zu 22 kW
  • Typ 2 Steckdose

ABB Terra AC 22 kW mit Display

MID zertifizierter Energiezähler und Display

  • Ladeleistung: bis zu 22kW
  • Typ 2 Steckdose

Charging at home. Carbon-neutral driving. Use solar power.

In terms of sustainable mobility, you will be making the right decision with an electric car – especially if you charge it with solar electricity generated by your own photovoltaic system. We definitely recommend a wallbox for charging at home: By using the wallbox, you can charge your electric car much faster than with a household socket, and it is a safe way to go.

Laden Sie Ihr Elektroauto mit Solarstrom aus der Wallbox.

How do you benefit from your wallbox?

With a wall-mounted charging station, you can charge your electric car up to four and a half times faster than with a household socket, and it is a safer process.

If you operate your wallbox with solar power from your own photovoltaic system, you can also charge your car at a much lower price and without any emissions. This means you use more electricity yourself and feed less of your solar power into the grid.

By the way: When we plan your photovoltaic system for you, we can take the connection of a wallbox – in terms of capacity and installation – into account at the same time. Your new electric car will be charged and ready to go in no time.

Wählen Sie Ihre Wallbox passend zum Elektroautomodell.

What do you need to take into account with the charging infrastructure?

Do you want to connect your wallbox to your photovoltaic system and use controlled charging? And do you want others to be able to use your charging station and be billed accordingly? Then it’s best to opt for a smart charging station: With an intelligent control system, you can reliably prevent your solar power from being fed into the grid at too low a price.

And remember that your wallbox must match your electric car and the type of connector used: In Switzerland, for example, connector Type 1 is mainly suitable for Asian electric models, whereas connector Type 2 is more suitable for European models.

Mit einer Wallbox laden Sie Ihr Auto deutlich schneller.

How long is the charging time for an electric car?

That’s a good question to which there is no single answer. Charging time depends on a number of factors:

  • the number of kilometres per day
  • the charging power of the wallbox
  • the charging technology of the electric car
  • the capacity of the battery

As the charging power of a wallbox is particularly high, you can significantly reduce the time factor by having your own charging station. Of course, a smaller battery will fill up more quickly, but this will also reduce the range of your electric car.

The following calculation formula generally applies: Charging time = battery capacity in kWh / charging capacity (kW)

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