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What measures are planned in case of a power shortage?

Calls for saving
These are aimed at the population, do not need an ordinance, and call for voluntarily compliance. The calls for saving electricity are shown here. Measures if an ordinance is in effect:

Consumption restrictions
They prohibit the non-essential use of energy-intensive devices and equipment such as lighting for advertising purposes, escalators or outdoor heaters.

Immediate rationing
All major consumers must save a certain amount of electricity. Major consumers are those with annual consumption of more than 100,000 kWh (according to Art. 11 of the Electricity Supply Ordinance).

Grid disconnection
The power supply is interrupted for several hours in individual areas of a distribution network area. The interruptions are rotated and affect all areas of the distribution system equally. Disconnecting the grid is the “last resort” and should be avoided wherever possible.

Which levels of readiness exist?
How is the Organisation for Power Supply in Extraordinary Situations (OSTRAL) organised?
What is the legislative basis?
What is rationing?
Does disconnecting the grid affect only major consumers?

Disconnecting the grid would affect all consumers. Rationing applies only to major consumers.

As a private customer, do I have to worry about running out of electricity in winter? Are we going to run into a power shortage?

Unfortunately, the scenario of a shortage has never been as realistic as now. However, we can assume that we will always have some electricity but restricted in terms of quantity time.

Will I still have electricity for my own use such as electric cars, solar power systems, terrariums, etc.?

Generally speaking, there is no 100% guarantee for an uninterrupted supply even in normal day-to-day life, even though statistically this is very rare for each customer.

In the event of a power failure, the solar power system automatically disconnects from the power grid. There are solar power systems with emergency or back-up functions which can use the generated or stored electricity for their own consumption if the power grid is disconnected, whereas solar power systems with emergency power functions can provide only limited power for own consumption. An inverter with the aforementioned functions and an electricity storage system are required for the emergency or backup electricity operating modes mentioned above.

How can I prepare?
Where can I find further information? (The federal government, the Cantons of BL and SO)