Street lighting

Primeo Energie supplies 48 municipalities with street lighting concepts for new, modernised and expanded buildings. In addition, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of luminaires and services.

Primeo Energie customers public lighting team consists of five people and is made up of experienced electronics specialists and salespeople who are qualified lighting designers. The team members have accumulated their knowledge through project management, network construction or at lighting manufacturers and put their skills to profitable use – whether in project management, product development or executing customer orders.

One of the core competences of the public lighting team is planning, managing projects and implementing energy-saving, intelligent lighting control systems that manage the lighting as required and adjust traffic volumes accordingly.  Primeo Energie is able to control these intelligent light control systems remotely, which ensures their reliable operation.  The various lighting parameters (time settings, dimming, etc.) can be adjusted by the head office in Münchenstein at any time in response to customer requests.  Meticulously managed information databases ensure that our customers can continue to order the right lighting with the appropriate technical properties.

Primeo Energie has over 20 network electricians to ensure reliable implementation of lighting projects on site. Repairs, maintenance and the statutory periodic inspections of the lighting systems are carried out by an in-house public lighting group, whose two lifting platforms ensure that customers benefit from the maximum flexibility and availability.

Our objective is to motivate our customers to invest in environmentally friendly, future-oriented lighting technology. Our sustainable services and concepts and our partnership-based approach are designed to ensure that customers are able to operate their systems economically and over the long term, protecting our customers’ investments and ensuring that the lighting systems are operated efficiently – which in turn is reflected in a high degree of customer satisfaction.

In the event of faults or power cuts please contact:

Basel network area and AVAG network area +41 61 415 41 41

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