Neue Potenziale des Gasmarkts

Favourable gas prices thanks to a liberalised market

For small and medium-sized companies, a new era began in June 2020. It was then that the Competition Commission (COMCO) ruled in favour of a consumer who sued for the free choice of the gas supplier. Since then, gas users have been able to choose the cheapest option, regardless of the amount of gas required – a savings potential that Primeo Energie is happy to help realise, especially with sustainable gas products.

Free choice of gas supplier is no longer a dream

For several years now, companies that require large quantities of gas have been able to opt for the cheapest offer on the gas market. Since 4 June 2020, this is now also possible for other consumers, based on a decision by COMCO. A private customer in Lucerne asking for the same rights as major customers filed the suit, demanding free choice of gas supplier. However, consumers who used less than 150 Nm3/h were still bound by the prices of the regulated gas market. A clear competitive disadvantage for small and medium-sized enterprises, which has now been overturned by the COMCO ruling.

Leveraging economic and ecological potential

Primeo Energie also wants to give small and medium-sized companies the chance to take advantage of new opportunities in the liberalised gas market – a measure that will save them millions. Primeo Energie therefore purchases gas directly from the Trading Hub Europe (THE) and imports it itself – a process from which our customers benefit in full.

As a forward-looking energy service provider, we are very aware of our ecological responsibility and offer companies a wide range of sustainable gases, such as biogas certified under the highest "naturemade star" standard in Switzerland, as well as 100% climate-neutral green gas. Because we purchase these products directly, we can offer our customers attractive prices, and together take another step towards the 2050 Energy Strategy.