Outdoor Speaker Marley: Viel Liebe für legendäre Lautsprecher

What the Marley name promises: The audio company House of Marley is dedicated to equality, love and charity – a vision that is not exactly compatible with the highly capitalised market economy. Or is it?

Reggae's founding father Bob Marley's Rastas are still in vogue. With his music and visions, he has charmed millions of people from Kleinlützel to Kingston. One detail in passing – he died almost 40 years ago. But Bob Marley not only left us with a trove of unforgettable music, he also had at least a dozen children. One son recognised by the Master is called Rohan, whose message of equality, love and charity lives on in its own way: Bobby's son builds loudspeakers.

"Marley No Bounds" smart speaker in black and blue.

Loudspeakers that reverberate sustainably

Rohan Marley not only sells outdoor speakers but also on-ear and in-ear headphones and even record players. He probably doesn't make them himself, but as an offspring of Marley and a founding member of "The House of Marley," he is an important piece of the company's puzzle, particularly from a marketing perspective, and the ideal ambassador of Bobby's values.

Equality: All items are made from ecologically sound materials such as wood, cork and bamboo in sustainable and certified production. Also included are recycled aluminium and plastic from old PET bottles, fabrics made from organic cotton and hemp.

Love: The nature-loving design also speaks for itself. All items are designed lovingly and integrate perfectly into the natural environment. The outdoor speakers containing cork, for example, are not only waterproof but also float.

Charity: The company plays a part in the concert of environmentalists. One per cent of all sales proceeds goes to the One Tree Planted project, which supports reforestation programmes around the world.

"The House of Marley" is, to put it casually, a unique Hi-Fi studio with its heart in the right place. Its message remains timeless and current and has now made its way into the carpeted halls of every company with a responsible strategy. In the case of Rohan and his cohort, it is a vision with a lot of sound and, depending on preference, also some smoke. Or to paraphrase Bob Marley: "No speakers no sound."

Speakers: A lot of sound with even more love

The Primeo Energie online shop sells various products from "The House of Marley." From waterproof Bluetooth speakers all the way to small ones with an integrated microphone and snap hooks.

House of Marley product range