Primeo Energie ist neue Hauptsponsorin der Tour de Suisse

Primeo Energie will be the main sponsor of the Tour de Suisse starting in 2022. After four years as a Premium Partner, the main sponsorship takes the cooperation with the Tour de Suisse to a new level.

"We wanted to become the main sponsor right from the start," says Dr Conrad Ammann, CEO of Primeo Energie. We now made it happen. Primeo Energie has been participating in the Tour de Suisse since 2018 – at the second highest Premium Partnership level, with the special "Best Young Professional" ranking, until 2021.

This commitment aims to raise Primeo Energie's profile throughout Switzerland. "The background is our growth strategy," says Ammann. "We want to be one of the five leading energy companies in Switzerland." That's why we were looking for a form of sponsorship that extends beyond the region, explains Ammann. "And which event would be better suited than the Tour de Suisse?"

Cycling and Primeo Energie – a strong duo

Cycling is a good fit for Primeo Energie, says Ammann. "Cycling is a team sport where riders have to conserve their strength and that uses a lot of technology." Primeo Energie already supports numerous cycling events and clubs, such as the Bike Festival Basel and the VeloClub Dornach.

Primeo Energie has now pledged to become the main sponsor of the tour for three years, with the option to extend. "We are very happy and grateful to have found a new main sponsor in Primeo Energie for our men's and women's races, particularly in these trying times of the event industry," says Olivier Senn, Director of the Tour de Suisse.

Thanks to this commitment, the 2022 tour will go through the Basel region. One stage of the tour is planned for Aesch.

The Tour de Suisse in the Basel region

Thanks to its sponsorship, the cycling event of the year also passes through Primeo Energie's supply area. One stage of the tour is planned for Aesch. "Sponsorship gives us the chance to influence who leads a stage of the race," says Conrad Ammann. In 2019, one stage even began at the Primeo Energie site in Münchenstein, with the destination Arlesheim.

The 2022 Tour de Suisse started in Küsnacht on 12 June and ran until 21 June.

To the Tour de Suisse with Primeo Energie

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