Smarte Klingel, mehr Sicherheit: Ding Dong, wer steht vor der Tür?

More security with the best sound and image quality: Thanks to the smart doorbell, you always know who's on your doorstep, even when you're not at home. The Video Doorbell 2 is now available in the Primeo Energie online shop. Here's an overview.

A doorbell is really quite ordinary – you press a button and a doorbell rings. But then things get more complicated: Should I open the door? Or not? And when I'm at home, am I at home also for the visitor? And if I'm not home, do I not want to know who or what was there, the same as if I were inside?

Doorbell pressed four times, four situations

Let's take a look at four situations you're probably familiar with.

The doorbell rings and you're home.
What should I do? Open the door!

The doorbell rings and you're out.
What now? The unexpected guest leaves again – unless he or she is a burglar.

It rings and you should be home, but you're not.
The courier writes a collection slip and takes the item back to the van.

It rings and you're home, but you don't want to answer.
We all know what happens next. "I knew you were there," said the mother-in-law as she sat down on the sofa to remain there for next several hours.

To be or not to be at home quickly gets complicated when it involves a doorbell. But none of these situations will ever be an issue again. The Video Doorbell 2 will solve all your problems and is available in the Primeo Energie online shop.

Video Doorbell 2: This bell is much smarter

Forget the good old-fashioned peephole, distorted voices over the intercom, and poor images on surveillance cameras: The Video Doorbell 2 from the Ring brand combines all the functions in one small box – and at top quality. The device has a full HD wide-angle video camera, microphone, speakers, motion sensors, and infrared function for good image quality at night. You can attach it with an adapter frame, which you can easily mount directly on the door or wall. It is powered by fixed wiring or a battery, which you can recharge with a USB cable.

Together with the app on your phone, you are then ideally equipped: You can check online whether everything is all right outside your front door at any time. See who's calling. Talk with invited and uninvited guests. Identify (and bother) potential intruders. All in the best picture and sound quality, no matter where you are. Of course, you can also simply open the door – even if your mother-in-law is standing there.

Does that ring a bell?

The Video Doorbell 2 from Ring is available in the Primeo Energie online shop. In addition to the doorbell function directly on your phone (iOS, Android, Windows), the device also offers greater security for your home thanks to its integrated wide-angle camera (160°). For more product information, visit the online shop.

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