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Discover the exciting world of electricity

Without electricity, our world would stand still. We need electricity everywhere and at all times. We take it for granted that the lights come on in our homes and offices and that our appliances and machinery to work at all times. But what happens in the background of a socket? What is electricity? How is electricity generated? How does it get into the house? How is it used in everyday life, and what did things work in the past?

To answer these and other questions, we offer you a clever combination of informative workshops, exciting experiments, and interesting guided tours.

Visit us at the Learning Centre

Everyone is welcome – school classes, families and youth groups, associations and clubs, company outings and senior citizens' associations, authorities and business organisations. Anyone interested can participate in workshops on topics relating to sun and light, join experiments and guided tours that go behind the scenes – all part of an offer that takes particular needs and knowledge into account.

Our children's birthday parties (solar workshops) are a speciality. Because of high demand, these are available exclusively to Primeo Energie customers.

Our offer is available at Primeo Energie's head office in Münchenstein (Weidenstrasse 27) and at our location in Olten (Aarburgerstrasse 39).
You can also find our location here on the interactive MINT map: Münchenstein, Olten.

Build your own solar vehicle

Our solar workshop offers children and young people a fun introduction to the world of renewable energies. The budding pioneers build their own solar vehicle under the guidance of specialists. They can choose a car, plane, tractor, ship, locomotive, cable car, quad, or a three-wheeled motorcycle (trike). Each workshop lets them choose one vehicle type. The solar vehicles are equipped with a miniature solar cell that delivers the necessary power.

Course duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 10 to 15, with advance reservation
Target groups: Children, holiday pass holders, primary schools, secondary schools

Children's birthday party with a difference

Building, bolting, drilling, grinding, painting and laughing. Fun is guaranteed as children build their own solar vehicle, which they then keep. At registration, the birthday boy or girl decides which solar vehicle should be built. A wide selection is available based on photos of the models.

The children learn all kinds of interesting facts about solar technology – the materials that make a solar cell and how they generate electricity, and where they are used in everyday life. After the work, the children still have plenty of time to celebrate and enjoy the birthday. Important: Parents must bring cakes, drinks, mugs, napkins, etc. with them.

Course duration: 3 hours
Age: from 7 years (first grade)
Number of participants: 10 to 15 children
Target groups: Children of Primeo Energie customers

Let there be light!

History of electrificationWe press the switch and there is light! But what does it take to make it all work? In the "Lamp" workshop, children and young people build their own self-designed lamp with LEDs. They learn about the relationships between the production, distribution and use of electricity. And they understand what it takes to make a lamp light up. At the same time, they gain more awareness about how to use electrical energy.

Course duration: 3 hours
Education level: Fourth to ninth grade
Number of participants: 10 to 25 children, with advance reservation

Please note that this offer is intended exclusively for school classes.


Vielseitiges und spannendes Angebot in der Region
Primeo Energie stellt jedes Jahr während den Sommerferien allen regionalen Ferienpass-Organisationen ihre Solarworkshops zur Verfügung. Insgesamt besuchen jedes Jahr rund 800 Kinder die Kurse. Ziel ist, dass die Kinder das entsprechende Solarmodell innert drei Stunden bauen und ausprobieren können. Zudem wird ihnen auf einfache Art erklärt, wie Photovoltaikzellen funktionieren und wo sie im Alltag Anwendung finden.

Folgende Ferienpässe bieten in den Sommerferien unsere Workshops im Programm an:

Interessierte können sich direkt via jeweiligen Ferienpass für die Workshops anmelden.

Familienpass Region Basel

Seit 2004 gibt es den Familienpass Region Basel. Neun Trägerorganisationen unterstützen gemeinsam den Verein finanziell sowie ideell und leisten damit einen grossen Beitrag zur Familienförderung in der Nordwestschweiz.

Die Primeo Energie ist einer der neun Träger des Familienpasses Region Basel, den sie finanziell unterstützt. Zudem bietet Primeo Energie in jedem Familienpass-Magazin einen Workshop Solarbau an. Damit  haben Kinder, deren Eltern nicht Primeo Energie-Kundinnen und -Kunden sind, die Möglichkeit, an einem der beliebten Solar-Workshops teilzunehmen.

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