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Science Center

The Science Centre is dedicated exclusively to the topics of climate and energy and lets you participate, touch things, and learn!

Science Centre

Seventeen interactive stations will let you experience various phenomena on important climate and energy topics.

See for yourself how the greenhouse effect works, or spin pedals and feel the electricity flowing through you all of a sudden – completely safe, of course.

You should allow around 45 minutes for your personal knowledge quest in the Science Centre.


We all know about the greenhouse effect. But what do water vapour, ice cores, old air and carbon dioxide, photosynthesis, albedo, and thermal radiation have to do with it?

You can learn all this and more interactively at the individual hands-on stations and exhibits on the ground floor of the Science Centre.


How do you generate electricity with sand? Can you make water boil at our muscle power machine? How much voltage can you handle? What do batteries have to do with metals?

Lots of questions for which you can find answers in our energy area on the first floor of the Science Centre alone or in groups.

Climate and construction

In our open-air exhibition on yellow reused construction panels, 23 new ideas about sustainability and the circular economy in construction are discussed with problems and solutions.

We are proud that our new building is one of eight pioneering projects in Switzerland, in which 70% of the components have been reused, recycled, made from renewable raw materials, are leftover items, class B stock or waste products and, wherever possible, are of regional origin.

More than 90% of the surrounding works are made of reused material and have been awarded an architecture prize (Bronze Hare).

Looking for other chunks of knowledge?


In our two workshop spaces on the second floor of the Science Centre, electricity come from the ceiling, while knowledge flows straight from hands into minds: At numerous experimental stations, we delve deeper into the topics we encountered at the Science and Experience Centre.

As an extracurricular place of learning, we continue with our teachers and students from where traditional lessons end.

Duration of workshop: approx. 45 minutes (on request)

Science shows

Enough research: Now it's showtime! Experienced experts explain the wonders of science in a vivid and entertaining manner and provide an even deeper understanding of the everyday, yet very special climate and energy processes in and around us.

Duration of the science show: 45 or 90 minutes (on request – see separate price list)

Guided tours

Our guides will be happy to share their knowledge with you on one of our very own guided tours, be it on exciting climate reconstructions of the past millennia or on the charged history of electricity.

Duration of the tour: approx. 45 minutes (on request – see separate price list)

A look behind the scenes

In specially designed tours, our experts open the doors for a look behind the scenes of electricity management at Primeo Energie. Explore the complex machinery required to ensure a constant supply of electricity.
power supply at all times, with constant 24-hour monitoring 365 days a year.

Duration of guided tour on the Primeo Energie site: approx. 45 minutes (on request).

More than just a building…


Our Primeo Energie Kosmos is more than just a building: From the Science Centre's roof – looking onto our Experience Centre and Learning Centre – you not only have magnificent views of the Birs, but also of our turbine site and the Primeo Energie site.

In good weather, our workshops, science shows and guided tours can also be held outdoors. Many events have already found their crowning glory here.

The Primeo Energie Kosmos team is looking forward to your visit.

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