Imageclip Primeo Energie

The energy transition is a topic that affects us all and moves us emotionally. Taking the right action often seems complex and challenging, and many are unsure how to deal with it. In this respect, it is crucial that we recognise and actively address the concerns and worries of our stakeholders.

As an expert and reliable partner, Primeo Energie provides answers, reduces potential hurdles and concerns and offers customised solutions for successful implementation. However, we also recognise that we cannot tackle this task alone. Only by raising awareness of the issue and working well together can we drive forward the energy transition and shape a sustainable energy future for generations to come.

The new image film "Energy transition" addresses this topic and conveys it emotionally. The focus is on our end customers. Because even though it is a global issue, the energy transition is taking place in our immediate surroundings, in our communities, in people's homes. Accordingly, the regional reference was important in the film production, which is why local locations were chosen for the realisation.