Thunderstorm causes power outage in Alsace

In the early hours of Wednesday, 26 June 2024, there was a power outage in the Primeo Energie grid area in Alsace at 02:12. The heavy rain caused a short circuit in the transformer station in Hésinque. Primeo Energie was able to restore power to most of the 5,800 households affected 45 minutes after the damage occurred. However, some households in the affected municipalities of Buschwiller, Hésingue, Hégenheim, Wentzwiller, Folgensbourg and Hagenthal le Bas and le Haut were without power for almost two hours. Primeo Energie apologises to the affected customers for the interruption and recommends checking the clocks of electrical appliances such as heaters, cooking appliances, alarm clocks, etc. and resetting them if necessary.