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Primeo Energie is promoting e-mobility with cheap electricity tariff

Primeo Energie is bringing the energy revolution straight to the general public – into their local communities and their homes. In order to get more and more customers acting in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, Primeo Energie is making targeted efforts to promote electromobility and is now offering a cheaper e-mobility tariff.

Primeo Energie is now offering its customers a grid usage tariff created specifically for electric cars. This makes it possible to charge electric vehicles at a cheaper rate than the normal household tariff. The lower prices apply for both peak and off-peak periods. This particularly benefits customers who often charge their electric vehicles at home. In return, they give Primeo Energie the chance to regulate their charging station output in a dynamic way. No stoppages mean that charging is always guaranteed. If the grid load requires it, Primeo Energie can reduce the charging station output at certain times by up to fifty per cent. To take advantage of the cheap e-mobility tariff, customers will need a separate, interruptive electricity meter in addition to their normal domestic electricity meter. Only this allows the flow of current to be reduced in exceptional cases during certain periods and at peak times. The new e-mobility tariff for charging electric cars at home will be available from 1 January 2020 in the grid areas covered by Primeo Energie, Aare Versorgungs AG (AVAG) and Elektra Gretzenbach AG (ELAG). 

The new e-mobility tariff is another important building block in creating a digital, networked and comprehensive mobility culture. To this end, Primeo Energie is also offering a car sharing service, and, in collaboration with Baselland Transport AG (BLT) and Baslerkantonalbank (BKB), the Pick-e-Bike innovative sharing system for e-bikes and e-scooters. The range of charging stations in public spaces is also being systematically expanded, including 80 quick charging stations at Swiss motorway service stations, all covered by the MOVE payment system. This makes e-mobility as simple and convenient for people as possible.

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