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Solarteam Jurablick off to a good start

Among other things, Primeo Energie is putting special emphasis on promoting the local production and use of electricity from renewable energies and has launched its new product “Solarteam Jurablick”. Thanks to the enormous interest sparked among the residents of Starrkirch-Wil near Olten, the offer to join forces in purchasing communal solar energy soon sold out. The cooperation with the community is setting a new standard.

The launch of the new Solarteam Jurablick product, which lets everyone get electricity from a communal solar roof as part of a public initiative, was met with a great deal of interest.

The first of these products has been put in place in the residential municipality of Starrkirch-Wil near Olten. The product was showcased to locals at the “Photovoltaik jetzt!” (“Photovoltaics now!”) event in late August, where 108 solar panels were available for CHF 599 each. They were on sale to anyone, from tenants, landlords and homeowners through to companies and associations. Each solar panel can yield 160 kWh of power a year for its owner, giving solar team members the opportunity to generate their own solar power from their village for 25 years, and this at a more competitive price than general solar power from the grid. Primeo Energie is responsible for overseeing the management and supply of the solar power. In principle, the quantity available for each customer to use is simply deducted straight from their electricity bill – something that impressed many of the residents of Starrkirch-Wil. It took just two week for all 108 panels to be snapped up. The swift and encouraging interest shown by the Starrkirch-Wil locals is supporting both the production and use of renewable energies, thus promoting the national Energy Strategy 2050.

Spurred on by this success, the Starrkirch-Wil municipal council is putting further plans into action. The committee is setting a good example and has made the roof of the Jurablick village hall available for the solar team for free. The municipality will also obtain its own solar energy directly – a real win-win situation in the promotion and use of locally produced renewable energies.

Details on the “Solarteam Jurablick” product: www.primeo-energie.ch/de/gemeinsam-von-solarenergie-profitieren

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Media Release 06.11.2019

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