ABB Terra inkl. Installation

Schweizer Ingenieurkunst zum günstigen Preis.

  • Ladeleistung: bis zu 22kW
  • Typ 2 Steckdose

easee Home inkl. Installation

Schönes Design zum vorteilhaftem Preis.

  • Ladeleistung: bis zu 22 kW
  • Typ 2 Steckdose

ABB Terra AC 22 kW mit Display

MID zertifizierter Energiezähler und Display

  • Ladeleistung: bis zu 22kW
  • Typ 2 Steckdose

Breakthroughs in electromobility are the result of a pioneering spirit, courage and innovation. We are pioneers in the field of e-mobility. And we are constantly expanding our services for charging and sharing.

The future is electric – switch over now

The way to sustainable mobility is through electromobility. Switch with us and benefit from a comprehensive range of services, from the charging infrastructure all the way to public charging and billing systems.

Charge @ Home

Do you own an electric vehicle and want to charge it conveniently at home? For home-owners, this is not a problem. However, if you are a co-owner or even a tenant of a parking garage, you need to consider a range of issues: Do you need to inform the co-owners or property management about your plans? Does an individual solution or a scalable general solution make best sense? Should the intelligent charging unit be integrated into a charging system? And how does consumption-based billing actually work?

We’re here to help. We would gladly help you evaluate and purchase or rent intelligent charging infrastructure for your home. From planning to commissioning – ready to use.

Mobility tariff

If you charge most of your electric vehicles at home, you can now choose the new grid usage tariff for e-mobility. This allows you to charge your vehicle at discounted grid usage tariffs. In return, you give Primeo Energie the chance to control the charging grid capacity.

MOVE – your charging grid for out and about

Do you own or regularly use an electric vehicle? With the MOVE charging grid, you never have to worry about the range and charge level of your vehicle again. With MOVE, you benefit from over 53,000 public charging points throughout Europe and can now extend your trips as much as you like. Become a member of MOVE and benefit from one of the largest charging grids in Switzerland, which is constantly expanding.

Become a MOVE member now

For beginners, we recommend “MOVE light” – free membership with MOVE. “MOVE comfort” is the right choice for frequent travellers, as it allows you to benefit from more favourable charging conditions. Don’t miss out on the many benefits and become a MOVE member now.

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Innovative two-wheeler sharing with Pick-e-Bike

E-bikes on call are revolutionising urban mobility. That’s why we pioneered a popular e-bike sharing system in the Basel region that benefits the general population. 350 sleek e-bikes are ready to be hired via the innovative Pick-e-Bike sharing system. Silent and clean, they take you to your front door at any time.

It’s so easy to get started on a Pick-e-Bike

The e-bikes can be rented easily via smartphone and parked within the Pick-e-Bike zone. All you need for your first ride is a valid driver’s license, an ID card and a credit card. Start your first ride today.