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We make homes smarter, mobility more sustainable, and motivate people to use energy more efficiently. We develop energy solutions for private and business customers, electricity supply companies, cities and communes.

With 615 employees, Primeo Energie is a reliable supplier of electricity to over 170,000 customers in Switzerland and France. Our business areas are energy, grid, heat and renewable energies. And we are active along the entire value chain, from production and trading all the way to distribution and sales.

We work as a cooperative – transferring knowledge across generations

Primeo Energie was founded in 1897 as an association named Elektra Birseck Münchenstein (EBM). Its head office is in Münchenstein, Switzerland; the Primeo Energie France branch office is in Paris.

By passing on knowledge to children and young people, we help ensure that future generations also live responsibly.


Our competences


To enable us to compete even more successfully, we have been pooling our expertise in energy trading for electricity supply companies and business customers together with the EKZ (electricity power plant of the Canton of Zurich) since 2021. As an active market player, Primeo Energie AG has created the basis for one of Switzerland's leading trading companies. We monitor energy system trends that are driven by decentralisation, digitisation and decarbonisation as a way of identifying and seizing viable business opportunities. The electricity business comprises the procurement and sale of electricity and gas. We use our deep expertise and long-standing partnerships to offer our customers in Switzerland and France the right products and services.


The grid segment covers electricity transport and distribution, basic supply, as well as grid-related services such as grid operation for third parties, high-voltage contracting, e-mobility, and public lighting. We create value based on the existing infrastructure and on our expertise in planning, building and operating it efficiently. Primeo Netz AG and Aare Versorgungs AG (AVAG) are the owners of the entire modern network infrastructure, from national transmission grid connections all the way to home connections (Grid Levels 2 to 7). They monitor and control electrical energy flows within the supply area day and night. With a decentralised standby service, they guarantee quick solutions to disturbances and thus very high reliability of supply.


Primeo Energie's heat contracting is an efficient solution for procuring thermal energy for space heating and hot water in homes. Primeo Energie builds smart, modern plants with state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent components. In addition to heat, cooling is becoming an increasingly important utility. Sustainable, climate-friendly and clever solutions make energy contracting a successful business model. The share of renewables is increasing continuously as a way of saving fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions. Sources of renewables include wood, waste wood, pellets, corn spindle, environmental heat from heat pumps, solar thermal energy, waste, biogas, and sewage. We are taking on a pioneering position in the use of wastewater heat from sewage treatment plants. Large and medium-sized businesses tend to outsource tasks that are not part of their core business. With the founding of Primeo Energie Industriecontracting AG, Primeo Energie has formed a business unit that offers special outsourcing concepts. Its main tasks include the supply of steam, electricity and water as well as the disposal of sewage and waste.

Renewable energies

Primeo Energie Group's electricity production is exclusively CO2-free and uses renewable energies. It holds major shares in Alpiq, the Rhine power plant in Birsfelden, and in aventron, a regionally based, renewable energy producer for European customers that invests exclusively in small-scale hydropower, wind power and solar power. Primeo Energie founded aventron in 2005 and has since increased its installed capacity to over 680 megawatts in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Norway.

Executive Board and Board of Directors

Our transformation from a regional energy supplier into a leading national supplier of innovative energy products and services is in full swing. Primeo Energie is a very healthy company, both financially and in terms of staff. We are optimally equipped and highly motivated to successfully master the challenges in the coming years.

"We want to actively seize the opportunities of an open market, which requires us to develop clear strategies and long-term plans."

Management Board

From left to right:

Stephan Naef, CFO, lic. oec. publ., business administration
Jörg Klasen, Managing Director of Primeo Energie AG, cert. engineer, cert. salesman (t.o.), MEng
Cédric Christmann, CEO of Primeo Energie Group, MSc IECS, MBA IMD
Lukas Küng, Managing Director of Primeo Netz AG, Dr sc. techn., certified electrical engineer ETH
Michael Schneider, Managing Director of Primeo Wärme AG, graduate engineer FH
Dominik Baier, Division Head of Corporate Services, lic. iur., attorney

Board of Directors

From left to right:

Simone Winter (retired from the Board of Directors as of 23 October 2023)
Beatrice Van der Haegen, Münchenstein, Dr iur., federally certified tax expert, attorney, partner at Ludwig + Partner AG, a Director since 2016, elected until 2024
Andreas Büttiker, Therwil, Chairman of the Board of Directors, lic. rer. pol., Director of BLT AG, a Director since 2005, elected until 2025
Gilbert Fuchs, Hagenthal-le-Bas, Professor and Directeur des Etudes Université Haute-Alsace, President of SIDEL, a Director since 2008, elected until 2026
Urs Grütter, Arlesheim, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, federally certified accountant, certified controller SIB, certified management IT specialist SIB, President and Delegate of the Board of Directors of Stöcklin Logistik AG, a Director since 2002, elected until 2026
Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, Biel-Benken, lic. iur., National Councillor, President of the Basel Chamber of Commerce, a Director since 2012, elected until 2024
Thomas Flatt, Zollikon, Dr med., MBA INSEAD, entrepreneur and board member, a Director since 2020, elected until 2024
Andreas Dürr, Biel-Benken, lic. iur., attorney, a Director since 2005, elected until 2026
Carmen Gerber-Balmelli, (member of the ENK), Binningen, Dipl. Bau-Ing. ETH, Head of Finance and Accounting and Executive Board member of Gerber-Vogt AG, born in 1967, Swiss, a Director since 2022, elected until 2026


As a cooperative with around 56,000 members, we hold a Delegates' Meeting (DM) every year. The members of the cooperative in the communes supplied by Primeo Energie elect their delegates every four years. They represent all cooperative members and ensure the connection with Primeo Energie. The delegates' participation rights are laid out in the Articles of Association.

The Delegates' Meeting currently consists of 342 members:

  • 218 elected delegates
  • 115 representatives of major public and private customers
  • 9 members of the Board of Directors

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Primeo Energie in figures

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* Restatement: ab dem Jahr 2021 inklusive Mitarbeitende der aventron Gruppe Frankreich



With aventron, we are promoting the development and expansion of new sources of renewables for all of Europe. As the majority shareholder of aventron, we are among the largest producers of renewables in Switzerland.

We founded Enersuisse jointly with EKZ and Romande Energie. We are thus a co-founder of the largest data-to-cash provider in the energy supply sector in Switzerland.

In cooperation with Alpiq, Groupe E and ewb, we intend to build the largest network of charging stations for electric cars. This is why we founded MOVE. With over 30,000 charging points in Switzerland and throughout Europe, our subsidiary is among the largest providers of charging infrastructure in e-mobility and is constantly extending its lead.

We founded Pick-e-Bike Ltd together with Baselland Transport AG (BLT) and the Basel Cantonal Bank. Pick-e-Bike Ltd is an e-bike and e-scooter sharing service for the general public in the Basel region.

Together with Elektra Baselland (EBL) and Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB), we are a committed shareholder in Biopower AG, whose plants turn bio-waste into energy.