Responsibility towards our stakeholders

We live up to our social responsibility at various different levels – as a reliable utility company, as a committed employer and trainer, and as a supporter of cultural, sporting and social projects. We focus particularly on transferring knowledge to young people through workshops, experiments and guided tours of our "Primeo Energie Kosmos", because we firmly believe that anyone who understands how precious energy is will use it responsibly and sustainably. As a company with local ties, we are committed to public welfare in the region. To this end, the Delegates' Meeting of EBM (Genossenschaft Elektra Birseck) approves funds for donations and benefactors' contributions from the profit each year. We thus support only charitable projects in the social, sport and cultural fields within our grid area. Learn more about our donations here.

National, strong, committed – Primeo Energie

When it comes to sport, our focus is on promoting young talent. We contribute to various institutions through membership fees and sponsorships. These include the family pass for the Basel region, workshops for the disabled, hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, health and home care institutions, advice centres, clubs and associations, theatre groups, music societies, libraries, foundations, and youth organisations.

Holiday pass

Every year during the summer holidays, Primeo Energie makes its solar workshops available to all regional organisations with a holiday pass. Around 800 children attend the courses each year. The goal is for the children to be able to build and try out their solar vehicle within three hours. They are also given a simple explanation of how solar cells work and where they are used in daily life.

Our workshops offer the following holiday passes during the summer holidays:

Those interested can register for the workshops directly via the respective holiday pass.

Family pass for the Basel region

The family pass for the Basel region has been available since 2004. Nine sponsoring organisations, including Primeo Energie, support the ideals of the association and provide financial aid. They thus make a major contribution to supporting families in north-western Switzerland. We also offer a solar workshop in every family pass magazine. Children whose parents are not Primeo Energie customers thus also can participate in one of the popular solar workshops.

tunBasel & tunSolothurn

Children and young people can tinker, experiment and experience technology and science at the tunBasel and tunSolothurn adventure shows. The interactive world of adventure playfully sparks their interest in technology and the natural sciences. The aim of this extracurricular project is to raise children's awareness of the fascinating world of mathematics, informatics, natural science, technology (MINT subjects). The shortage of skilled workers can thus be counteracted in the long term. Renowned institutions present exciting and challenging experiments. Primeo Energie is also present at the biennial adventure shows. Under guidance, the children build a model car that is powered by a magnesium cell (salt water). It's exciting to learn so much about electricity.

You can find our Energy Learning Centre in Münchenstein here
And here is the Energy Learning Centre in Olten

Tour de Suisse

As a sponsor of the Tour de Suisse and organiser of the Kids Race, we prove our strong commitment to this breathtaking and dynamic sporting event every year.

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Energy fund

With the energy fund, we support our cooperatives who want to invest in renewables or use energy more efficiently.

Let's make a difference – here's how it works

Please send us an email with a description of your project. Please note the object of the funding (see funding regulations).

Once we have received all your documents, we will review them carefully. You will receive a written notification within 30 days of receipt. This letter will also inform you about the next steps following the construction phase.