Sustainable heat for your home

A warm home gives you a good feeling – especially when the energy you use uses only a minimum of resources. Connection to a district heating system is probably the most sensible option for a sustainable heat supply. We are continuously building and expanding our grid of sustainable heat generation plants in Switzerland and France.

How do I find out whether my property can be connected to a heating network?

Check here whether your property can be connected to a heating network. If your municipality is not (yet) listed and you would like to convert your heating supply individually and with a view to the future, you will also find further information.

What is the best heating solution for my home?

Basically, this depends on the existing infrastructure of your building. If your home is close to a district heating network and a connection is possible, this is certainly the most sustainable option for your heat supply.

If this is not the case, we recommend a heat pump. There are different types of heat pumps. You can find out which is the best option for you from your local energy advice centre. Do you live in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft or Solothurn? If so, our energy consultancy will gladly answer any questions you may have about heating.

How can I reduce my heating costs?

Experience has shown that our energy consultancy pays off quickly. We analyse your current heating system and consumption pattern. Based on this, we then show you where you have potential to save.

We are happy to help.