Anmeldung Wiederaufnahme der Rücklieferung von Strom aus Photovoltaikanlagen

Do you already operate a photovoltaic system in the grid area of Primeo Energie or Aare Versorgungs AG (AVAG) and want to deliver the electricity produced to Primeo Energie? Then please complete the registration form. Information about return delivery rates can be found here.

It is possible to switch to Primeo Energie or AVAG at the start of each quarter. Primeo Energie will review the registration within ten working days.

Producer details

Information about the photovoltaic system
(if the system address is different)

33-digit metering code for the return, not from the purchase.
Primeo Energie: CH100831012345…
AVAG: CH10120012345…
Gretzenbach: CH10995012345…

Guarantees of origin (GOO) are certificates that are dissociated from the active energy fed in (physical current flow). The certificates are issued by Pronovo AG for the respective electricity producer and traded independently. Guarantees of origin serve to create transparency for end consumers with respect to the origin of electricity. A guarantee of origin is issued for every kilowatt hour of electricity produced.

Requested switching date

The return delivery is resumed at the beginning of each quarter as long as registration was 30 days before the end of the quarter.

Kündigung beim aktuellen Abnehmer

Die Wiederaufnahme der Rücklieferung kann nur erfolgen, wenn der gültige Vertrag bei Ihrem aktuellen Abnehmer ordentlich gekündigt wurde.

Details on the remuneration of feed-in

Account holder (if not same as producer)

Details on sending the credit notes