Concession agreement with Saint-Louis extended

Primeo Energie will be allowed to operate the electricity grid in Saint-Louis in Alsace for a further 35 years. Both parties have now extended the corresponding concession agreement. This now also includes measures to promote the energy transition.

Primeo Energie and the city of Saint-Louis have renewed the concession agreement for the operation of the grid and the supply of electricity. It comes into force on January 1, 2024 and has a term of 35 years. The concession agreement last concluded in 1993 between Saint-Louis and the former EBM (Genossenschaft Elektra Birseck) with a term of 30 years ends on December 31, 2023. The partnership between the two sides has existed since 1903. 

The contract also commits Primeo Energie to continuing to invest in the grid. For example, the voltage in the Alsatian grid will be converted from 13 to 20 kilovolts. In addition, overhead lines need to be laid underground and the Saint-Louis substation needs to be enlarged. 

Primeo Energie is also supporting the municipality with the energy transition. For example, there will be special courses for school classes, the energy fund will also be opened up to Alsace and there will be measures to make social housing more energy-efficient.