OSTRAL - Information on the power shortage situation

Since the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) identified “electricity scarcity” as a major risk in its analysis, the topic has been discussed at length in the media, politics and professional circles. The electricity supply in Switzerland is currently reliable, which includes the supply areas of Primeo Energie and AVAG. However, there are critical factors that could affect the supply in Europe and Switzerland adversely as early as winter 2022/23. These include the uncertain supply of gas in conjunction with the Ukraine crisis (gas is also used for electricity production in Europe), the fact that almost half of France’s nuclear power plants are off the grid due to maintenance, and because reservoirs in Switzerland currently do not have enough water. These trends currently create some uncertainty. If more power plants were to fail and we were to face a long, cold winter with little wind, we would face an electricity shortage.

If a shortage should actually occur in Switzerland, the Federal Government would decide on measures for the whole country. Within this in mind, we have taken all possible precautions – together with our large-scale consumers – to secure the power supply at all times.

You will find important information from the Federal Government, from the Cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn, as well as from Primeo Energie here, including answers to frequently asked questions. You will also find information about how customers can contribute to the reliability of supply.