Kunde profitiert von digitaler Plattformlösung für EVU.



Our digital platform for managing energy procurement on a centralised basis makes it easier for you to access the free market and helps you organise your procurement. Benefit from a variety of functions such as market intelligence, procurement, sales support and reporting.

Shaping the future successfully – our digitisation solutions

Our platform enables electricity suppliers to benefit daily from a wide range of digital services – from portfolio management and load profile analyses all the way to energy data management. To this end, we are constantly working on expanding our digital offer.

Kunde arbeitet mit digitalem Kundenportal von Primeo Energie.
Portfolio management

Our portfolio management module has a range of functions – such as portfolio reporting and monitoring, point-of-origin reporting, forecasting and procurement strategy.

Energy data management

Our energy data management module offers you a constantly updated overview of all metering points – with the required distinction between the basic supply and the market. It can also be used to carry out load profile evaluations, including the respective heat map evaluation, which means you benefit from the following functions: Data cube sales, data cube grid, load profile assessments.

Sales tools

With our sales module, you can make price calculations for energy online and inform yourself via a back-to-back sales report about all the offers your customers place.

You can also use our digital Back2Back solution as a white label offer.

Market data

Gain a quick insight into the latest developments on the energy markets with our market data module. You will receive web-based access to professional energy trading. This includes market price data for electricity, gas, CO2, oil and coal as well as the weekly Energy Premium Newsletter with the latest comments from our trading experts. You can benefit from the following functions: Market prices, market reports and market links.

  • CH, DE and FR market electricity: 4 front products (monthly, quarterly, annually) in EUR and CHF

  • Profiles: Base and peak in MW increments

  • 4 brokers with their respective internal prices and those of Primeo Energie

  • Active placement of own orders (insert, update, delete, etc.)

  • Real-time rates without time lag

  • Real OTC market prices without mark-up

  • Up to 40% compared to individual orders

System services

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the electricity balancing market and benefit from our range of services, which also offers a white-label solution for electricity suppliers. Our range of services includes the following:

  • Technical support, evaluation of feasibility for developing new systems
  • Offer and contract drafting as well as acquisition support
  • Portal and training for system management
  • Pre-qualification of systems
  • Marketing with daily and weekly auctions
  • Settlement on demand
  • Invoicing
  • Assuming risk vis-à-vis partners and swissgrid
  • Up to 40% off compared with individual orders