Energy consulting for companies

Save energy and costs

Are you investing unnecessarily in electricity, heat and water? Our specialised energy consultants will show you where your company can make savings. Together we will develop efficient solutions, customised to your needs, and support you in their implementation.

Free initial consultation

As part of the Baselbieter energy consultation programme, we offer business customers free initial and procedural advice*. Whether optimising energy use, making sustainable investments or increasing energy efficiency - we are your experts. We can also provide you with comprehensive advice on your current electricity supply situation.

*Consultations are available by e-mail, on the phone or directly at our advice centre in Münchenstein. Business customers receive up to four hours of advice free of charge (including preparation and follow-up). The advice is system-, product- and company-neutral.

Energy optimisation of operations

Buildings often consume considerably more energy than necessary due to operation without benefit. Energy-related operational optimisation (eBO) aims to exploit this unused savings potential. Energy savings of typically 10 to 15 percent can be achieved through optimisation measures in your building technology.

Target agreements for large consumers

Experts are on hand to help large-scale consumers reduce their energy requirements in the long term. As part of our energy check-up, we identify your savings potential and work with you to define economically viable measures that are monitored on a regular basis. Choose between the universal target agreement (UZV) with the EnAW or the cantonal target agreement (KZV).

Energy consumption analysis

The energy consumption analysis (EVA) offers large-scale consumers an alternative to target agreements. The implementation of efficiency measures is scheduled for three years. To this end, your energy consumption is systematically recorded. Based on this analysis, reasonable efficiency measures to reduce consumption (15 per cent) are developed.

Energy monitoring

Our energy monitoring allows you to keep track of your company's energy and CO₂ development. By monitoring consumption trends in detail and analysing primary energy and greenhouse gases, we guarantee precise monitoring of the success of your energy-saving measures. A clear overview of your properties enables you to recognise energy-inefficient buildings at an early stage. As a solid basis for planning, our energy monitoring supports the targeted implementation of energy-saving measures.

Employee sensitisation

A well-trained team helps to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Our customised energy workshops promote this awareness. Whether directly in your company or in our interactive science and experience centre «Primeo Energie Kosmos» in Münchenstein - we offer targeted training on climate and energy. Let us work together to sensitise and train your employees for a sustainable future.

OSTRAL consulting

In view of the potential electricity shortage in Switzerland, we advise major electricity consumers (more than 100,000 kWh per year) and help them determine the systems and processes they need for managing their energy requirements, including energy efficiency, application, and consumption. By integrating energy management into your activities, your organisation is better able to cope with a possible electricity shortage as defined by OSTRAL.

Our customised offer reduces your risk in case of a power shortage, while at the same time lowering your energy costs and reducing potentially negative effects on Switzerland as a business location.

We are happy to help.