Energy consulting

EnAW SME model

We offer all small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to reduce their energy requirements sustainably and efficiently. The instrument is called the EnAW SME Model – a programme precisely tailored to the needs of SMEs. Here, you define the targets and energy-saving measures together with our consulting engineers and implement them consistently with our support.

The SME model is designed for companies with annual energy costs of up to CHF 1 million. The cost-benefit calculator allows you to determine the financial benefit directly online.

The SME model was developed by the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector and is recognised by the federal government. As a result, it also meets cantonal requirements governing large-scale consumers and exempts you from the CO2 levy. The Swiss Climate Foundation supports the SME model financially.

OSTRAL consulting

In view of the potential electricity shortage in Switzerland, we advise major electricity consumers (more than 100,000 kWh per year) and help them determine the systems and processes they need for managing their energy requirements, including energy efficiency, application, and consumption. By integrating energy management into your activities, your organisation is better able to cope with a possible electricity shortage as defined by OSTRAL.

Our customised offer reduces your risk in case of a power shortage, while at the same time lowering your energy costs and reducing potentially negative effects on Switzerland as a business location.


Energy is money: Reduce your consumption and costs now. The energy efficiency in SMEs programme stands for professional energy consulting (PEC) for your SME and helps you to manage your energy-saving projects effectively. Determine your potential for optimisation, find the right solution, and implement it easily with our help.

Get off to an energy-efficient start – three steps towards energy-saving goals with PEC for SME.

Thanks to PEC for SME, you can reduce your company's energy costs by 10% to 15% without major investments. The focus is always on the sustainability of the measures: The investments made can be amortised over a reasonable period.


In a free, non-binding initial consultation, we will explain everything about the PEC for SME and the opportunities it offers for your company. This includes analysing potential savings for your company together.

Planning the measures

After the initial analysis, we will jointly analyse your location. Immediate measures help to save initial costs without large investments. After we have analysed the potential, we will prioritise the investments as a way forward. PEC for SME contributes 50% of the consultancy costs up to a maximum of CHF 1,500.


Why plan measures unless you take action? This is precisely why we support you with your projects. This means you can manage your day-to-day business without worries while we focus on saving energy. PEC for SME covers up to 10 consultation days.

Image enhancement through sustainability

With low energy consumption, you contribute to an environmentally-friendly approach to business and improve your image at the same time. You protect the environment, promote sustainability, and differentiate yourself from your competition. We provide you with individual, practical advice and support. The profitability of your business is always the top priority.

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