Billing and data management with Primeo Energie

Billing and data management

Save resources and identify the potential for optimisation: Multi-energy billing

Our billing service handles all the invoice verification and processing. You receive only one clear collective invoice for all the consumption points. In addition, we provide you with a highly efficient analysis tool that makes your consumption data fully transparent. This enables you to identify possible ways of improving the financial side at a glance.

Maximum simplicity and transparency

Are the invoices from all locations correct? How much energy did each location use? And how high are our CO2 emissions at product level and for the entire company?

Companies and organisations with several locations or properties know the challenge: Regularly recurring invoices for hundreds if not thousands of outlets (e.g. for energy, cooling, water, media and recycling) must be entered, checked and processed. In addition, it is necessary to produce detailed reports and identify any potential for cost cutting.

With multi-energy billing, you reduce the administrative work of invoice verification noticeably while saving valuable resources at the same time. In addition, our online tool helps you see your financial and consumption figures and lets you benefit from individual reports tailored specifically for your needs.

The video shows how Primeo Energie's billing service can reduce administrative work and simplify data management/reporting.

Our range of services

With our flexible services, we can respond to every customer need individually. Together, we will find the right solution – customised to your company’s requirements – also as a white-label solution on request.
Entering and digitising invoices

We make it easier for you to enter your invoices – regardless of whether you receive them as an e-bill, by email, from an energy data management system, or as a conventional paper invoice sent by post. At the same time, we are digitising all incoming invoices automatically, making them much easier to subsequently process and archive.

Plausibility checks and invoice adjustments

We ensure maximum security, as all invoice details are recorded and checked for plausibility by means of automated checks.

Controlled factors

  • Quantities used
  • Continuous meter readings
  • Billing periods
  • Calculation of invoice amounts
  • Invoice frequency

In addition, our solution triggers an alarm whenever a maximum value is exceeded. We will, of course, also clarify any differences for you.

Invoice consolidation

We streamline your accounting by merging all invoices from the various sectors into a single collective invoice. The well-structured general and detailed visualisations give you an excellent overview: All your energy inputs, such as electricity, heat and gas, are summarised in lists. At the same time, the collective invoice shows all the details for each location or measuring point.

Invoice sections

Settling invoices in advance

We pay bills in advance, including payments on account.

Reporting (month, quarter, year)

Our reporting gives you a perfect overview of your consumption, costs and environmental performance at all times. In addition, you have all the necessary key figures for your sustainability report, standardised reports, company-specific evaluations, as well as a consumption report with current data and forecasts.

You can also benefit from:

  • Specific key figures for managing your company
  • Reliable energy and financial data for your controlling and accounting
  • Transparent consumption data for your CO2 balance and your environmental and facility management
  • Accruals for financial statements and forecasts as at selected reporting date

Extended interfaces and functions

Our web tool lets you directly access your original bills and documents as well as your current energy and financial data – anytime, anywhere. This includes all vendor and customer invoices as well as master and consumption data.

We also offer compatible interfaces for automatic data transmission to the company’s own ERP system. By the way, you can also extend your access to energy and financial data to the entire European monetary area.

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