The future of mobility is electrifying. Electromobility is gaining momentum and can no longer be stopped. And we are helping to shape the market. As the owner of MOVE, among the largest public charging grids in Switzerland and Europe, we offer you and your employees access to over 53,000 charging points.

Besides establishing and expanding the charging infrastructure at your company’s premises, you also benefit from a nationwide, public charging grid. This means you never need to worry about your reach or invoices as you hit the road in your EV.

We support you from your infrastructure all the way to your billing.

Electric vehicles have gained a permanent place on our roads. Electromobility is gaining momentum, and EV sales are increasing. Many companies with a fleet of conventional vehicles are considering switching to EVs – with good reason, because electromobility has many advantages. And it can become an additional selling point for the company.

We would be happy to support you in expanding your vehicle fleet. You will benefit from our deep expertise and wide range of services in the field of electromobility. From connecting and procuring charging infrastructure all the way to managing your billing and accounts receivable, we offer whatever you need to make your company fit for electromobility.


  • Attractive procurement terms for your charging infrastructure
  • Access to more than 53,000 public charging points in Switzerland and Europe
  • Billing and management of accounts receivable
  • Attractive leasing offers through Sixt Mobility, our cooperation partner

Parking garages

Do you own a property with a parking garage or underground car park? Or are you planning a new property and would like to install new charging infrastructure for electric vehicles? If so, we are the right partner for you. We offer you whatever you need for your charging solution – from planning, procuring, and commissioning your infrastructure all the way to invoicing and managing your accounts receivable.

A one-stop solution – from planning all the way to billing

We support you right from the start to determine the right size of the connection, and we will help you to expand your charging infrastructure going forward. This allows you to minimise your investment as you prepare for the future of electromobility.

We're there for you.

Are you planning a site development or new building, or would you like to upgrade or retrofit your parking garage for electromobility? We support you from developing the solution all the way to commissioning it and doing the billing.

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