Netzanschluss nach Mass

Sie brauchen Power für ein grösseres Bauprojekt? Wir bieten eine bedürfnisgerechte Vielfalt an Anschluss-Möglichkeiten im Mittel-  und Hochspannungsbereich.

  • Transformatorenstation
  • Hochspannungs-Contracting
  • Planauskunft

Temporärer Netzanschluss

Sie benötigen einen temporären Strom-Netzanschluss für  Bauplatzinstallationen, Festhütten, Schaubuden, Märkte etc.

  • bis 125 Ampère
  • bis 400 Ampère
  • > 400 Ampère


Sie sind Elektroinstallateur/ Solarteur und führen elektrische Installationen in unserem Netzgebiet aus.

  • Elektronisches Meldewesen
  • Regionale Werkvorschriften
  • Technische Anschlussbedingungen


Sie haben Fragen zu Ihrem Stromzähler, wünschen eine Zählerauswechslung oder möchten Ihre Zählerstände melden?

  • Smartmeter
  • Rundsteuerbefehle
  • Tarifzeiten
  • Ablesetermine


Jede elektrische Installation muss in regelmässigen Abständen kontrolliert werden. Nicht nur für Kinder sondern auch für Erwachsene sind mangelhafte Elektroinstallationen eine ernst zu nehmende Gefahrenquelle.

  • Sicherheitsnachweis
  • Fristverlängerung
  • Abnahmekontrolle


Mit einer Netzverfügbarkeit von 99,997 Prozent gehört das Primeo Energie-Netz zu den stabilsten der Schweiz.

  • Verhalten bei Stromunterbrüchen

Customised electricity grid connection

Do you need power for a project? We offer a variety of grid connection options in the medium- and high-voltage range to suit your needs. Regardless of your choice, we will supply your company with electricity around the clock. Your flexibility is guaranteed at all times. We can help you connect your project easily to the power grid.

Are you planning innovative construction projects?


Transformer substation

Developing a property with a 13 kilovolts capacity usually requires a transformer substation. With our experience in the field of high-voltage systems, we plan, build, refurbish and operate transformer substations – regardless of the energy supplier. Our support includes estimating your energy costs and planned investments. This gives you a solid basis on which to find the best solution.

Effective outsourcing with a Primeo HV contract

Operating your own transformer substation means understanding the technical and legal requirements and assuming a great deal of responsibility. We have years of experience in this field and can offer you a unique Primeo HV contract to relieve you of the burden. We finance, plan, build and operate the transformer substation. And as the substation remains our property, we also assume all rights and obligations vis-à-vis the authorities.

While you continue to benefit from the more favourable high-voltage tariff, you also will be able to concentrate fully on your core business – by knowing that we use our expertise to ensure a reliable and optimum power supply.

What does a Primeo HV contract involve?

With our comprehensive Primeo HS contract, we assume ownership of your transformer substation in our property, including all the rights and obligations vis-à-vis the authorities, so that you can continue to benefit from the attractive and low-cost medium-voltage tariff. The advantages are clear:

  1. Full transparency, planning capability, and 100% cost control
  2. Maximum risk mitigation through outsourcing complex and demanding services
  3. Guaranteed reliability of supply
  4. Contacts with years of experience in this field
Planning security and cost control

Once the Primeo HV contract has been signed, your transformer substation will be in our remit for 25 years. From this day on, we will assume responsibility for the entire 13/20 kV energy supply and its transformation.

This means we summarise all costs for investments, depreciation, maintenance and repair of the equipment for you as an annual amount for the contract term.

You will know the annual costs for the entire contract term, which gives you financial planning security.

No risks and secure supplies

As the owner and grid operator of a high-voltage electricity supply system, you will always bear all the risks yourself. These range from defects and malfunctions all the way to the availability of parts and personnel safety. However, maintenance and repair also requires specific professional skills and expertise. Transfer your overall system responsibility to us and we will cover all technical and commercial risks during the contract term.

Our 24-hour/365-day stand-by and on-call service, as well as periodic maintenance, increase your supply and operational safety. Separate connections for an emergency generator in the transformer substation and guaranteed availability of spare parts from our own storage, as well as mobile transformer substations, help to bridge possible gaps and save valuable time in case of a failure.

Reliable contacts

As the new grid operator and proprietor, we also assume all obligations towards the Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI), among other things. Our experienced experts will manage all essential tasks for you – reliably and independently.

  • Contact person for malfunctions concerning feed-in and transformation

  • Immediate measures in case of a malfunction, including emergency power bridging operations

  • Inspection of your electrician’s installation instructions before the work is carried out

  • Monitoring the receipt of safety certificates from your electrician

  • Arranging for periodic installation inspections

  • Contact person for ESTI

Temporary grid connection

With the construction site connection box (CCB), we offer you temporary grid connections for building site installations, event facilities, show booths, markets, etc. The CCB is available in two versions with connection capacities of up to 125 amperes and up to 400 amperes respectively.

The CCB clearly separates the responsibility between our distribution system and, for example, construction site installation. The boxes are equipped with meters and are therefore ready for use as soon as connected. The energy metering and energy calculation start with the grid connection.

Electricity – simple and flexible

Electricians can commission the construction site installation as soon as the grid connection has been completed. They are responsible for the final inspection of the electrical installation.

To guarantee punctual completion, we require a correct and complete installation notice from your licensed electrician 10 working days before your preferred connection date. A period of three working days applies for decommissioning.

After the de-installation, you will receive the final invoice based on the valid price list for temporary grid connections. You will be billed monthly for the electrical energy used during the rental period.

Installation inspection

We use electronic reporting. We process all notices and requests (IA, TCC, AB, SiNa, EGS requests, etc.) electronically via ElektroForm.

You can access the relevant installation technician portal via the following links. Please note the difference between the Basel and Olten regions

As an electrician, solar engineer, or independent control body, you will find all relevant documents, information, forms and links in the area for professionals.

Important information about installing power generation systems and storage facilities must also be observed. In particular, we refer to the technical connection conditions for energy generation systems. These apply to the Basel and the Olten grid areas (AVAG).

You can also fill out and submit the technical connection application (TAG) form simply and conveniently via the installation technician portal.

As an electrician or solar engineer, you will find all relevant documents, information, forms and links in the area for professionals.

Installation inspection

Planning information

Measurement technology

Make an appointment for electricity meters during installation work

To coordinate appointments for electricity meter reading during installation work as efficiently as possible, please have the meter number ready (you will find it on the letter or installation notice).

Smart meter – the intelligent electricity meter

The Federal Act on the Supply of Electricity (ESA) and the Electricity Supply Ordinance (ESO) of the Federal Council provide the legal basis for using smart metering systems. By 2028, 80% of all metering equipment in a grid area must meet the requirements laid out in Art. 8a and 8b; in other words, it is necessary to use smart meters. The remaining 20% may remain in use until they no longer function.

Periodic safety inspection

Defective electrical installations pose a serious hazard not only for children but also for adults, because faulty voltages can endanger people or even cause fires – and in the worst case lead to death.

Every electrical installation must be checked at regular intervals. This also includes electrical installations in residential and commercial properties. The owner is legally responsible for the safety of the installation.

Additional inspection obligation in case of installation changes

According to the Electrical Low Voltage Installations Ordinance (LVIO), an additional acceptance inspection must be carried out by an independent inspection body in case of changes to electrical installations with inspection intervals of less than 20 years.

A company with an inspection licence must be commissioned to carry out the inspection. The company must make the necessary measurements and visual inspections and, depending on the condition of the system, directly issue a defect report or safety certificate. Once any defects have been remedied, you will receive the safety certificate from the inspection company.

Do you need a deadline extension?

It happens from time to time that you forget something due to the stress of everyday life. If you need a deadline extension for the mandatory installation inspection, please use the application for deadline extensions. The application must also have the address, property address, registration number (at the top right of the request letter) and signature of the owner or the management.

Please send the application by post to the address provided or by email to Please note that only fully completed applications can be processed.

Always energised for you

Our company’s primary objective is simple but challenging: We want to ensure that you have reliable power supply. That's why our employees are there for you on any day or night and in any weather. The stable and uninterrupted power supply we provide is proof that our effort is worthwhile.

Power interruption – we're there for you

The average power cut per customer in the Swiss grid was just 16.5 minutes in 2019. And with a grid availability of 99.997%, the Primeo Energie network is among the most stable in Switzerland.

Nevertheless, power outages cannot always be avoided. We distinguish between unforeseen interruptions – due to a storm, for example – and those that are planned. Some expansion and maintenance work sometimes requires a short power cut.

If we have to interrupt the power supply due to maintenance work, we will inform you in writing approximately two days before. You will then find a message in your letterbox.

However, there are occasions when we are unable to notify you about an interruption. You should therefore always assume that all your electrical installations are live.