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EVU services

Services for electricity supply companies

We adapt our service portfolio for electricity suppliers constantly to new requirements, thus relieving you of the burden and helping you earn additional revenue. At the same time, you benefit from long-term advantages such as process and cost optimisation.

Partnership among peers – our portfolio for electricity suppliers

Electricity and natural gas procurement

In the dynamic and complex energy market, energy prices are subject to strong fluctuations. This is why procurement timing and strategy are so important. In addition to standard products, we offer individual procurement models for electricity and natural gas, including the respective guarantees of origin. In addition, we will gladly advise you on procurement and management issues as well as on ways of optimising your assets.

Energy-related services

Expand your portfolio with our help. We support you with delivering more than just energy to your customers in the future: you can count on us for managing your customers' portfolio as well as providing system services and direct marketing solutions. We also have an experienced and able team of energy logistics specialists as well as a professional energy data management system. In particular, our offer is known for its flexibility and white-label solutions. Our focus here is on strengthening the positioning of our electricity supply company partners.

Regulatory consulting

Our “Legal and Regulation” package helps you incorporate current and previously announced regulations and court decisions into your business models. We mutually expand our expertise through intensive knowledge sharing and training. Specialist articles and events also provide you with information on all developments relating to legislation and regulations.

Sample documents

As an electricity supply company, you will need many documents – including templates for contracts and general terms and conditions – from our large collection, from where you can download them. We are continuously developing this portfolio in line with the needs of our partners. You are also welcome to draw on our tried-and-tested templates when creating contracts, concepts or checklists.

Intelligent charging systems for e-mobility

Would you like to offer your customers a comprehensive solution for e-mobility charging? Our white label e-mobility services provide you with intelligent charging solutions for every customer need. We offer all the support you need – from planning, procuring and commissioning, all the way to billing and managing your accounts receivable. As the owner of MOVE, one of the largest public charging grids in Switzerland and Europe, we also offer you access to over 53,000 charging points.

Heating and cooling solutions

With over 250 thermal systems, we are one of the largest heat supply companies in Switzerland and are constantly expanding our frontier. As a strong partner in the field of thermal contracting, we are happy to support you with the following service package: System planning, financing, monitoring and acceptance of construction and installations, maintenance and servicing.

Services for grid operators

As a distribution system operator, you face increasing challenges – from a technical and business perspective, as well as in terms of regulations. Our wide range of services – including grid studies and planning, transformer station and substation construction, grid system maintenance and tariff calculations, as well as Elcom reporting – are designed to help you to meet your requirements also in future.

Public lighting planning, consulting

Benefit from our experience in new construction, modernisation or expansion of street lighting: Around 50 municipalities already use our wide range of products and services. Our core competencies lie in the planning, project development and implementation of energy-saving, intelligent lighting controls that adjust the light to current conditions. We can access these controls remotely and thus ensure that your systems work reliably. Furthermore, we can make repairs, do maintenance work, and inspect your systems periodically in line with legal requirements.

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Innovative offers for your customers

Over the past few years, we at Primeo Energie have developed a large number of attractive products for consumers and companies.

Avoid the costs, expenses and risks from developing your own solutions and instead shorten your time-to-value with our attractive offers in the form of standardised and easy-to-implement white-label solutions.

Primeo Commerce

A well-equipped online shop opens up a whole new communication channel for cultivating your customer relationships. We provide you with comprehensive relief – from production all the way to complete operation. With us, you benefit from a full-service online shop, which we adapt to your branding. In short, you can leave product management, warehousing, shipping, collection and after-sales support safely in the hands of our professionals.

Private consumption alliance (PCA)

Use our full-spectrum expertise in private consumption alliances (PCA) and thus optimise your customer loyalty. A PCA can be interesting for your target groups in many ways: Investors and owners accelerate the amortisation of their photovoltaic systems, while residents benefit from lower electricity costs. Optional services such as e-mobility are also easy to implement. Choose whatever meets your requirements from our services – consulting, hardware and operation or customer service and billing.

Multi-energy billing

Companies and organisations with several locations or properties know the challenge: Regularly recurring, often complex invoices have to be entered, checked and administered – an huge effort that ties up internal resources and often fails to give you the overview you need. With our multi-energy billing service, also available as a white-label solution, you can make your customers an attractive offer.

E-bike sharing with Pick-e-Bike

Pick-e-Bike has enabled us to reach a new milestone in shared two-wheel mobility. Pick-e-Bike is an innovative sharing system with e-bikes and e-scooters that are hired via an app either from stations or on a free-floating basis. Using Pick-e-Bike, you as an electricity supplier can become a mobility provider yourself or offer an ideal mobility solution for municipalities, towns or PCAs. Expand your range of services to include innovative e-sharing mobility.

E-car sharing with mobility

Electromobility is an essential component of the portfolio of many electricity suppliers. With our white label e-car sharing service, you can now go one step further and not only offer charging units for electric vehicles but also become an e-car sharing provider yourself. The offer is especially suitable also for the service portfolio for the PCA area.

Solar team

Public and industrial roof areas have great potential when it comes to photovoltaic systems but are often underutilised. With the Solar Team solution, you offer your customers the opportunity to help implement the Energy Strategy 2050 and produce their own solar power – even if they do not have their own roof. We will be happy to handle the planning, construction and maintenance for you.