Nutzen Sie die Energie der Sonne mit einer eigenen Photovoltaikanlage.

Solar energy for businesses

Photovoltaics for business

Planning security is a key factor for a company's success – especially with regard to energy supply. With a solar power system, you can generate the electricity you need for your company by yourself. You save energy costs and become more independent of price trends. At the same time, you can expand your commitment to sustainability and can communicate externally more effectively.

What are the advantages of solar power systems?

Solar power systems generate good returns, besides protecting the climate, giving you more independence, and lowering your energy costs. Producing your own solar power has a direct effect on your company's bottom line. What if your company cannot use all of its energy? In this case, you can generate additional income by feeding the power into the public grid.

Reduce your energy costs substantially

Every kilowatt hour you produce yourself is one you don't have to purchase on the market. You will also receive comprehensive support for your investments in solar energy from various funding programmes. We will be happy to advise you.

By the way, you can gain more flexibility if you combine your solar power system with a power storage system. You thus avoid peaks loads and can further reduce the respective costs. A power storage system eliminates the need for fossil fuel powered emergency generators and can replace them with sustainable solutions.

Use your roofs and surfaces for business

Companies don't normally use their roof areas. But this is where solar systems can generate high returns – just like on any open space on the company’s premises. As a rule, the more of your self-produced solar power you consume, the faster your system pays for itself. Furthermore, the excess electricity you feed into the grid also gives you cash through reimbursement. Having your own solar power system is definitely an advantage.

Become less dependent on the volatile electricity market

The energy market depends on many factors that are beyond your company's control. However, producing your own electricity will proportionally reduce your exposure to rising prices – even if you continue to cover some of your needs on the market. Your company will become more self-sufficient and gain planning security.

Mann sitzt am Schreibtisch und liest Unterlagen.

Which companies benefit in particular?

Does your company have a load-bearing roof surface or an open area that is suitable for solar panels? Good! In that case you already meet one essential requirement – and the larger the area, the better! This would be ideal especially if your operations are mostly active during the day. You can then use the solar power produced while the sun is shining right then and there – for example, for your production, lighting, computers, and air conditioning. This increases the share you consume yourself, making it especially profitable.

Die Teilnahme am Regelenergiemarkt hilft, die Netzstabilität aufrecht zu erhalten und unterstützt den Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien.

Make your company more sustainable

Never before has it been so profitable to contribute to the 2050 Climate Strategy. Regardless of whether you want to use most of your solar power yourself or feed some of it into the grid, you and your company will actively help to protect the climate. After all, the more solar power you use, the less CO2 you emit. You can also use this in your communication to best effect. And since electricity production takes place directly on your premises, you will also ensure a lower grid load.