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Does your company use more than 100 MWh (100,000 kWh) of electricity per year? If so, you can freely choose your electricity supplier in Switzerland. Benefit from our decades of experience in the energy market and lower your electricity costs effectively. We will determine the best possible electricity prices for your company and give you a non-binding offer.

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Switch electricity providers and lower your energy costs

We will help you develop a successful procurement strategy and find the ideal electricity product for your needs:

  • Full supply (fixed price, tranches, structured)
  • Structured procurement
  • Fixed-term contracts 1 to 3 years
  • Optionally with green electricity and guarantees of origin

Would you like to reduce your price risk in the event of market fluctuations? Then we recommend our new full supply product Primeo TranchenComfort. We spread your procurement over up to 11 tranches (depending on the term). You benefit from a fixed price close to the market with risk-distributed energy procurement. Contact us - we will be happy to advise you in detail.

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Switching electricity is easy

Please send us your current load profile so that we can provide you with an attractive electricity quote. If you choose us as your future electricity supplier, we will be happy to take care of all the formalities and handling the switch from your current electricity supplier. We need only the following information:

1. Start date

2. Current grid operator

3. Metering point (on account)

Once the change has been made, you will receive only the final invoice and the cancellation confirmation. Your power supply is of course guaranteed at all times.

We offer you the full range of options.

Primeo FixedPrice: Full supply at a fixed-price

Important model features

  • Market-based energy prices
  • Fixed price for 1 to 5 years
  • Unit price
  • Full flexibility in quantity


  • Simple process
  • Low personnel costs
  • Immediate price and planning security for the desired period


  • From 100 MWh
PrimeoTranchenComfort: Convenient and risk-distributed

How Primeo TranchenComfort works
With Primeo TranchenComfort we distribute procurement over several predefined key dates - up to three years in advance. In total, up to 11 tranches are procured, the last one in the third quarter of the procurement period.

Important model features

  • Fixed price with risk-distributed energy procurement
  • Tranches procured on predefined key dates - up to 3 years in advance of the start of delivery
  • Average price for the coming delivery year known at the time of budgeting


  • Smoothing of price risk in the event of market fluctuations
  • Planning and budget security
  • Minimal effort for your company


  • from 100 MWh
Primeo TranchenPlus: Individual and risk-distributed

How Primeo TranchenPlus works
With Primeo TranchenPreis you divide your future energy requirements into defined tranches and procurement dates. The procurement takes place in a period of up to 3 years before the start of delivery. We monitor the market for you and trigger tranche procurement when agreed price limits are reached.

Important model features

  • Individual tranche procurement
  • Monitoring of price limits by means of trailing stop
  • Term for 1 to 3 years
  • Quantity-weighted average price
  • Strategy can be flexibly adjusted


  • Customised procurement strategy
  • Distribution of market price risk over several points in time
  • Exploitation of falling market prices
  • Price and planning security in supply


From 5 GWh

Primeo TranchenPrice: Full segment supply

Important model features

  • Market-based energy prices
  • Free choice of tranches and procurement times
  • Fixed price for quantity ordered for the respective year
  • Simple billing at unit price
  • Term of 1 to 5 years
  • Full flexibility in quantity


  • Price risk is spread over several points in time
  • Price and planning security in delivery. All tranches are purchased before delivery; the energy price is calculated as an average.


  • From 5 GWh
Structured full supply from Primeo Energie

Important model features

  • Rolling procurement during base and peak for the next three years
  • Prior to delivery, demand is covered by procuring the residual profile and calculating the full supply price


  • Reduced risk by spreading the purchase over several points in time
  • High-level of flexibility, thanks to optional rolling purchase
  • Simplified processes by purchasing standard products
  • Price security in delivery


  • From 10 GWh
Primeo StrukturPreis: structured procurement

Important model features

  • Rolling procurement during base and peak for the next three years
  • Delivery is structured and consists of the futures market products as well as of spot and balancing energy


  • Fulfilment of specific requirements through individual procurement portfolio
  • Effective trading/exchange prices by meeting demand with forward and spot market products
  • High level of transparency in billing


  • From 30 GWh


What our customers say

Steven Koning (CEO) and Fabian Steiner (Deputy CEO)


Silvan Eberhard
Head of Logistics and Member of the Executive Board

Michael Karrer

CFO and Head of Services
Kuhn Rikon

Fleming Rigert, Geschäftsleiter und Inhaber der Elektrolyse AG im Gebäude der Elektrolyse AG.

Fleming Rigert
Managing Director and Owner
Elektrolyse AG

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