Control energy marketing

Discover energy security as a profitable business area.

Use the opportunity to invest in your energy-producing systems more effectively and generate additional revenue at low cost. By participating in the balancing energy market, you also make an important contribution to Swiss grid stability and the energy transition.

Die Teilnahme am Regelenergiemarkt hilft, die Netzstabilität aufrecht zu erhalten und unterstützt den Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien.

A contribution to the 2050 Energy Strategy

To reach the targets of the 2050 Energy Strategy, Switzerland is focusing on expanding its renewable energy sources.

However, the changed composition of the power plant fleet is bringing about increased power grid fluctuations that need to be managed effectively. To ensure grid stability, transmission system operators rely on flexible production capacities. Here, power generation plant operators can contribute significantly to climate protection while at the same time generating good revenues.

Securing new returns in the control energy market

With our system services, we give you access to our Primeo Energie control pool with over 200 diversified installations from all over Switzerland. This enables you to sell your future excess production capacities as control power, thus helping to ensure grid stability. If your system is accessed, you will receive availability remuneration in return, as well as a usage fee if the system has been used.

Winter reserve: Increasing the supply in winter together

Primeo Energie has been chosen by the Swiss Confederation to bundle emergency power groups, thus making a significant contribution to securing the power supply in the coming winter. Do you have emergency power groups with a capacity of at least 750 kW and would like to make these available as a winter reserve? Then please contact us using the form below.

Our range of services 

Our range of services in the area of system services is comprehensive: we offer prequalification of the plants, technical support and feasibility analyses, offer and contract design, portal and training courses, risk assumption vis-à-vis transmission system operator siwssgrid, marketing of the daily and weekly auction as well as regulation during call-off and billing.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I register for the control energy market?

We would be happy to help you. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your possibilities of participating in the control energy market.

Which systems are suitable for participation in the control energy market?
The following system types generally are used:

Emergency generator: TCP + (> 200 kW)
Industrial plants: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Waste recycling plant: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Combined heat and power: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Wastewater treatment plant: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Run-of-river power plant: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Storage power plants: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Pumped-storage power stations: PCP +/- SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Battery storage: PCP +/- SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Gas-fired power plant: PCP +/- SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Power to heat: SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
Power to gas: PCP +/- SCP+ /- , TCP +/-
What is required to participate in the control energy market?
All you need is a suitable decentralised system and a login to our control power platform. Once you have expressed your interest, we will meet with you to discuss the possibility of your participation. If we can accept your system, we will create a login for you to our control power platform, and you will be able to participate in and benefit from the control energy market.
What do I have to do as a control energy market participant?

You can enter your excess energy easily and conveniently via our control power platform. For this purpose, you define the quantity and price. You will be notified if the amount of energy you have provided is accessed at the price you requested.

As a rule, you place the quantities on the platform once and then don’t have to worry about anything else. But you receive ongoing queries about your energy quantities and benefit from the control energy market.