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EBM builds new substation in Aesch

EBM has constructed a modern substation in Aesch. It complies with the latest environmental and safety regulations, has a larger capacity and improves the security of supplies in the grid area.

After more than 40 years, the existing Substation Aesch has reached the end of its service life and has to be replaced. The new Substation Aesch will create the additional output reserves required to meet the rising demand for output and energy in the EBM grid area. The EBM grid area currently comprises 13 substations, two of which are operated as cooperatives. EBM supplies around 230,000 residents in 60 municipalities with electricity through this regional hub.

A state-of-the-art substation will replace Substation Aesch, which was built in 1971. The new substation is being constructed and started up whilst the old substation is still in operation. This ensures that there will be no shortfall in supplies. Once the new substation is fully operational, the existing Substation Aesch will be taken off the grid.

Above ground, the new substation will have a massive and lightweight construction. The transformers will be housed in the massive construction. The lightweight construction will shelter the high and medium voltage systems as well as building services. The building will be protected against the weather by a rear-ventilated façade.

The basement is mainly used as a cable storage. As the substation is located near the river Birs, additional flood defence constructions are also planned.

The whole building will be fitted with a fire alarm and ventilation system. The transformer cells have a sprinkler system. As the new substation is right next to the old one, the costs for redirecting the cables will be kept at a minimum. Key construction points will be an earthquake-proof design, compliance with electric radiation regulations and groundwater protection.

The new substation will initially be operated with two transformers and two gas-isolated switching stations, which are safe to touch, thus providing personnel with optimal personal safety. The system will be controlled and monitored from the EBM control centre in Münchenstein or, in exceptional circumstances, from the control room at the substation.

The official ground-breaking ceremony took place on 13 May 2014 in the presence of representatives of the Municipality of Aesch, architect bureau Rapp, construction firm Huber und Straub AG and EBM Netz AG. The system will be assembled and tested in the first half of 2015 once the building shell has been completed. Start-up is scheduled for the autumn of 2015.

The new Substation Aesch transforms electric current from high voltage (50kV) into medium voltage (13kV). It will be linked to the Substations Froloo, Münchenstein and Breitenbach via high voltage cables. The new substation will feed electricity through numerous medium voltage cables (13kV) to around 160 transformer stations, from where it is supplied to customers in 16 municipalities after being transformed into 400/230 V, the low voltage of the distribution grid, by the local transformers.


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