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A fast track to green energy

Primeo Energie is promoting the use of power from renewable energy sources and internal consumption, focusing on solar energy in particular. From 2020, remuneration rates for solar power as well as its share of the Primeo Grün product will increase.

It is a major issue for Primeo Energie that green power is available and actually used as well as being discussed by everyone. Besides building large plants, Primeo Energie is also promoting regional power production from renewable energy sources in particular. To make this even more attractive, Primeo Energie is boosting its remuneration rates for locally produced solar power. Producers will receive 15 per cent more for power supplied from photovoltaic plants that came into service on or after 1 January 2017. Remuneration is to increase from the current rate of 4.5 centimes to a new rate of 5.2 centimes per kilowatt hour, and this will apply from 1 January 2020.

Remuneration for proof of origin is the same as last year. Environmentally conscious solar power producers who use the Primeo Grün product to cover the entire supply for their own consumption point will get 4.5 centimes per kilowatt hour fed in. If the Primeo Standard product is used, 1.5 centimes will continue to be paid for each kilowatt hour of solar power fed in.

Booming demand

More and more customers are using power from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are accessible to everyone thanks to regional hydro and solar power production plants, joint initiatives based on things like private consumption across multiple premises and attractive green power products. Companies are also putting great emphasis on certified green power, which they produce and also use. In addition, many companies are expanding their sustainability goals along the supply chain, whereby they also encourage suppliers to obtain power from renewable energy sources.

Primeo Energie is building on this satisfying boom and increasing the share of solar power in the power product “Primeo Grün”, which is “naturemade star” certified. In this way, the share of solar energy from regional photovoltaic plants has now increased to 30 per cent (from 20 per cent last year). The remaining 70 per cent of the energy comes from regional small hydropower plants.

The “Primeo Standard” product, which is “naturemade basic” certified, is based on 100 per cent renewable power from Switzerland and abroad. Besides hydro and solar power, wind power is now also included (for the first time) based on a 2.6 per cent share. This comes from the Swiss green power producer aventron.

For 30 years now, Primeo Energie has been supporting the additional building of decentralised photovoltaic plants, including in the region, and promoting the use of green power from small hydropower plants and solar energy. By the end of July 2019, 2,714 photovoltaic plants alone were connected to the Primeo Energie distribution grid in Switzerland (including the AVAG network area). The installed capacity, with an overall 61.9 megawatt peak (MWp), is also especially impressive.

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“ingenious. inspiring. future-oriented”. Primeo Energie makes homes smarter and mobility more sustainable; it also encourages people to use energy efficiently. It develops energy solutions for private and business customers, utility companies, towns and municipalities. With 550 employees, Primeo Energie is a reliable supplier of electricity to over 170,000 customers in Switzerland and France. It operates in the energy, power grid, heating and renewable energy business areas. The company is present throughout the entire value chain – from production and retail to distribution and sales. Primeo Energie's knowledge transfer approach ensures that the next generations also live responsibly. Founded in 1897 as the Genossenschaft EBM, Primeo Energie is headquartered in Münchenstein, Switzerland, while its French subsidiary Primeo Energie France is located in Paris.vwww.primeo-energie.ch, www.primeo-energie.fr

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