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Plans for a wind park in Liesberg meet with keen interest

EBM and Burgerkorporation have joined forces to assess the construction of a wind park in Liesberg that could produce enough electricity for 4,500 households. Yesterday's information event in Liesberg met with keen interest.

In September 2012, the Canton of Basel-Landschaft published a study on the potential use of wind energy in the canton. This study named the Municipality of Liesberg with its Aebin and Klummen mountain ranges as one of the potential locations for wind turbines. The civil corporation Burgerkorporation Liesberg is the owner of these woodlands. Around one year later, the three energy providers IWB, EBM and EBL from North Switzerland, together with the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, announced that they are all pursuing the same wind energy strategy and that they aim to work together on developing a planning basis.

The civil corporation, municipality and EBM are now going full steam ahead with planning a wind park near Liesberg. Yesterday, they explained why they chose Liesberg as a location.

The canton previously defined the regions Aebin and Klummen as suitable zones in the new structure plan. In February 2014, a land reservation agreement was concluded with Burgerkorporation Liesberg, the owner of the area. The first preliminary assessments found that the location records medium wind strengths and that all factors indicate that a wind park would be commercially viable in this region. The plant near Liesberg would be able to produce almost 10 million Kilowatt hours per year, corresponding to around nine times the electricity consumed by Liesberg's households annually.

The final location of the turbines can only be determined once further enquiries have been made and an environmental impact assessment carried out. Local citizens will be able to decide the final location during the land use planning process. All communal and cantonal planning steps and approval processes could be completed by the end of 2017, meaning that the earliest date of construction would be in 2018. The first local wind energy could be fed into EBM's grid as from the end of 2019. Following several preliminary assessments, an instrument tower will be erected for measuring local wind conditions during one year.

Various questions were put to the speakers during the discussion round. Overall, the participants welcomed the wind park project.

Additional information:

  • Burgerkorporation Liesberg, Christian Steiner, phone: +41 61 771 00 00
  • EBM, Bernhard Furrer, Director EBM Greenpower AG, phone: +41 61 415 42 60

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